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A Student Who Attacked Police Officers And Insulted Teachers

The Granada Court has sentenced a student from Granada to one year in prison who, as a result of getting a bad grade in an exam, gave all kinds of insults to his teachers maintaining a violent attitude towards them and ended up attacking the Local Police agents who came at the request of the center to mediate the situation in the face of the student’s “aggressive” behavior.

This student, who at the time of the events was studying at an institute in the capital, has been convicted of a crime of assault on law enforcement officials , as well as two crimes of injury for which he must pay a fine , in addition to compensate the policemen in 290 euros , as stated in the sentence, to which Europa Press has had access and against which there is an appeal.

The events date back to June 26, 2019. The young man, who is of legal age, was not satisfied with the grades he had obtained in an exam and around three o’clock in the afternoon that day he appeared at the office of the teacher who taught the subject.

“In a violent attitude, he snatched his exam, refusing to return it” until his grades were reviewed and he began to utter all kinds of insults to both the director and the head of studies and the secretary of the center. The court gives full credibility to the testimony of the academics who suffered and witnessed the “unfortunate spectacle” caused by the student, who “was beside himself, did not attend to reasons, refused to return the exams and insisted again and again on the same, so for more than an hour “in which he even destroyed his mobile by throwing it to the ground .

The director of the center notified the Local Police to assist them in recovering the exams, but the attitude of “hostility” of the accused did not cease , indeed , it increased in the presence of the police when “he closed the two of them in the face. agents the door of the office where he was “.

The agents tried unsuccessfully to make him see reason by requiring him to deliver the exams peacefully and when one of them approached to take them off he pounced on him, cornered him against some glass windows and a struggle arose over the agent’s “logical reaction” to neutralize him. , according to the Chamber.

The student ended up biting him on the arm to try to get away , before which the other agent intervened to help his partner and separate him from the student, trying from behind to place a shackle on one hand, at which point the three of them fell to the ground. The agents tried to immobilize him with “great efforts” because he did not stop kicking and moving, but in the end they had to request police reinforcement to put the shackles on him and detain him because between the two of them they could not help him, according to the testimonies of the police. added to that of the teachers.

One of the officers suffered a bite to his left arm and trauma to his left knee; and the other, lumbar strain, bruises on both knees, scratches and pain in the upper limbs. The Criminal Court 5 of Granada sentenced the student to a year and a half in prison for a crime of attack that, after the appeal presented by the accused, the Provincial Court has reduced to one year in jail and has set the rate at 200 euros. fine to be paid for the two crimes of minor injuries , while compensation has been set at 290 euros for each of the agents .