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Tips for Defining Your Brand On A Low Budget

A common occurrence in business is that one can create a business and then expect people to find you just like magic. The other confusion that goes with this is that marketing and branding are both the same, this is not true. Branding is the features that define you as a brand, and what shows your values and goals for the future. Marketing is simply telling people about you and the brand. 

There are so many avenues when delving into the world of branding, and it can get confusing pretty quickly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Often, when people start a new business, they believe that branding is super expensive and is only for bigger companies, this couldn’t be further from the truth, you need a brand so you resonate with your customers. It is still possible to create an effective brand on a budget and in this article, we will go through some of the tips for defining your brand without a large budget. 

Know Your Goals

One factor that you need to know from the start is what your goals are and how you aim to achieve them. If you don’t know what they are, how are you going to expect your potential customers to resonate with your brand, what is encouraging them to use you over your competitors? It is essential to outline what you have set out to accomplish with the brand and be as clear and as concise as possible. As we said, if you don’t know, your customers won’t. 

It can sometimes be difficult to determine what your goals are, so here are some of the core questions you need to ask yourself and give full answers, not just a few bullet points: 

  • What value are you creating for the customer and how?  
  • What are your customer’s needs and wants and how are you appealing to these?
  • Does your brand stand for anything? If not, it should
  • How are you going to encourage customers to use you over your competitors
  • How do you stand out from your competitors?

All of these questions need a proper answer before you can define your goal, so don’t rush it, really think about how you can make a difference. Once you have this, you have your brand identity basics. 

Define Your Target Audience 

Knowing your goals is one thing, but if you don’t know who your customers are, how are you going to market to them specifically? You need to define your audience for a range of reasons, the first is so you can align your business with their needs and wants as this helps customers resonate with you by using their tone of voice and language. One of the best methods of defining your audience is by creating buyer personas. These are fake people that you aim to market to with a full list of their characteristics, values and lifestyle. 

When you create visual content, it is essential to define your audience as you need to understand how they are going to perceive your brand once you have created your creative. By creating these personas, you are going to be able to delve into the challenges they face and will be able to then know how your brand can fix this. You should consider the following: Age, Gender, education, tools they use on a daily basis, their family, goals in life and everything that evolves around these topics. 

Spy On Your Competition

It is important to know who your competitors are as this is going to help you to gain that competitive advantage. The only way you are going to gain that advantage is to spy on your competitors, don’t worry if you feel this is immoral, because we can guarantee they do exactly the same, and they may even look at you once you are fully running and more successful than them. 

There are many tools and resources out there that can help with this such as Moz, Google Trends and Pingdom. But you need to determine what they are doing, what are they doing differently to you, where they position themselves, what marketing strategies are they using and much more. This is essential to create a strong brand strategy as this will help to make more qualified decisions and avoid the mistakes your competitors are making. 
There are many ways to successfully define your brand, but if you wanted to stick to the core elements, it is to create a strong brand identity and create a strategy on how your brand is going to run and get marketed. If you are struggling to get your brand off the ground, then speaking to a professional at a branding agency Manchester or London based is beneficial as they have some of the best talents in the industry.