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Tips & Tricks for Making Your Hunting Excursion a Bit Easier

If you plan to go on a hunting excursion, you would be planning fun activities to enjoy the trip. However, many factors make a hunting excursion an unpleasant venture. To avoid the problems, follow the tips below for a great time.

Control Insects

Try controlling insects around your camping place to avoid annoyance and illnesses.

Burn Essential Oils

One thing to enjoy when you’re hunting is a good night campfire. However, you cannot enjoy delicious smoked food when insects bite your feet and mosquitoes buzz around your ear. One thing to control insect attacks is flaming essential oils on the boundaries of your camp place.

Oils extracted from citronella, thyme, and peppermint create resistance around mosquitos and other insects. 

Moreover, the essential oils will create a pleasant aroma around your campsite. 

Ticks can be annoying. You will discover them in the woods while hunting. For this, lather liquid tick removing soap from your skin area covered in ticks. Then, place the cotton on it and remove the ticks that have dug into your skin. Please get rid of them somewhere safe, away from your territory. 

Have Essential Supplies 

You need to have important supplies to make hunting activities easier for you.

Hunting Tools

Hunting can be carried out with pretty much any sharp tool, but it is better to carry good gadgets to save time and be at ease. You should invest in a 22′ caliber long rifle as it is precise, making it good for shooting purposes. 

A good quality optical scope is another item you can buy, along with a commendable rifle. It will allow you to examine the targets you are going to shoot. A bow and arrow could do the job if you choose traditional hunting methods.

Do not forget to carry protection glasses when using guns. Also, earplugs are great for canceling loud noises so you can focus on hunting.

Torch Light

You might suffer from insufficient light on a hunting excursion as the plants and trees cover the natural daylight available. On the other hand, hunting at night will create pitch darkness that you will have to tackle. Always remember to keep a torch light with some spare batteries. You would not like tripping on a wild animal because of low light.

Medical Kit

An emergency medical kit is very important for hunting ventures. Ensure to keep bandages, spare cloth, medications, and other useful things that might be useful in an emergency. 

Sleep Bag

Make sure to have a comfortable sleeping bag with you. Please select one that is made of sturdy material so it can withstand rips. Moreover, your sleeping bag should be warm, so you do not feel cold in the middle of the night. Your bag should be padded, so it is comfy for sleeping purposes.

Things to Take Care of While Hunting 

You need to follow some measures to ensure a smooth hunting process.

Proceed Slowly

When aiming for a shot, do not hurry. Be silent until you are sure to shoot your shot. Hastening the process might make your kill spot you and run away.

Fix Spots 

It can be hard to remember your position when trailing around an animal in circles to catch it from behind. You can picture a unique object around you to easily remember your landmark.

Be Careful 

If you are following an animal, it will be alert toward the rearward movement. It is better to hunt being stationary and not by following; animals can easily detect slight movements around them. You could also feed the animal to understand its behavior. For example, a deer feeder will aid in an accomplished hunt. 

Look Out for ‘Instant Dropping’

You can think that an animal that drops instantly on a shot is dead but might have collapsed due to fear. The animal can recover and run away. However, an animal that runs a little after being shot and then drops to the ground will die. Be ready to shoot another shot when an animal instantly drops to the ground after the first shot.

Track Through Blood

The trail of blood can help track a wounded animal that has run away after an injury. Do not focus only on the forest ground; examine nearby trees and bushes.


Make your hunting excursion a fun trip by implementing the tricks mentioned. May you enjoy your venture to the fullest in safety and security.