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World Cup live updates: Iran defeats 10-men Wales; USMNT clashes with England

The 2022 World Cup has reached the second round of group stage games.

And Black Friday will feature one of the tournament’s most-anticipated showdowns, when the United States takes on England. This will be the two teams’ first World Cup matchup since 2010, when they played to a 1-1 tie.

The young and talented Americans played to a 1-1 tie in their World Cup opener against Wales on Monday. The USMNT faces a tall task Friday against an England team that has its sights set far beyond the group stage.—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a55f72fe61dc8e280990—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a57b7ddc1888235cd8dc—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a589cd173c579353c2f9—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a59765530cb65f3a4d61—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a5ae6070e60a5f46b075—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a5d76070e69e4c46b083—fast-track-to-success-in–6380a60fd3e0449581f59cb7—fast-track-to-success-i–6380a626cd564d87538612e5—fast-track-to-success-in-exam-6380a633d3e04462e9f59cc2

On Thursday, tournament favorites Brazil earned a 2-0 win over Serbia thanks to the goal of the World Cup so far by Richarlison. Cristiano Ronaldo made history by becoming the first men’s player to score a goal in five different World Cups.