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My first visit in Rishikesh with Thrillophilia

My friend and I have always had the same passion for adventure. We do our best to explore the hot spots for adventure all over India and to take on the most extreme sports feasible. Rishikesh has been in our plans for some years, but we haven’t been able to go there to satisfy this wish. This year, we went on our first trip to the city in the mountains with Thrillophilia. We were searching for an itinerary that could provide us with the level of excitement we wanted and cover all other essentials of a tour. A variety of Thrillophilia reviews led to this Rishikesh Daredevil Adventure Tour. The short time was 3 days and 2 nights filled with adventure. We were somewhat shocked by the reduced price offered to us. However, the Thrillophilia favourable reviews cleared any doubts we might have had. The tour started in Delhi.

We arrived in Delhi one day before the tour and prepared for our journey the following day. An agreed time and location was set for our tour rep to come, and he then assisted us in reaching Rishikesh via vehicle. The first stop we made was the Rishikesh base camp, at which we signed up and then took a break to recover from the trip. There were many activities planned at the headquarters and volleyball, with softball being two, but we did not participate in any of them on one of the days. On the second day, we headed out to enjoy a few water activities in Rishikesh.

Our first adventure included river rafting. My companion and I had previously rowed; however, these rapids at Rishikesh were always an aim for us. We took on Rishikesh’s Grade 3 rapids and enjoyed the best time of our lives, working our way down the river together with the other people in the group. Cliff diving was our next challenge, and following an introductory session and a quick walk over towards the lower cliffs to take a dip in the water. Our final choice was bodysurfing. No one in the group had attempted bodysurfing before, so we put in a significant amount of time to master the basics. Bodysurfing is essentially a method of surfing with no board. We were provided propeller fins to help us surf the water. Even though I failed badly, it was enjoyable to attempt it anyway. After a busy day on the water, We made our way back to camp. When we arrived back at camp, we were welcomed by a tasty meal and a bonfire. An hour-long music session followed, after which we decided to stay up early in bed after a tiring day. The next morning we woke up early and enjoyed an uninspiring breakfast in the camp. The first stop of this day’s journey was Mohanchatti, a small town in Rishikesh home to the nation’s most bungee jumping station. While Bungee Jumping is thrilling on its own, jumping from the Shivalik hills provides an additional adrenaline rush. The 83-meter Jump has been a part of all our adventures, so I decided to try the Jump twice to experience the thrill! Our next adventure was a flying fox experience. A flying fox adventure is a type of zipline adventure. In Rishikesh, Flying fox cableways are swathed through hills.

As you fly through the sky and you’ll be greeted by sweeping views of the forest-covered slopes below. The last one was the Giant Swing Experience, which is among the most authentic experiences I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing. It’s a unique experience. Giant Swing is very similar to its cousin, the Bungee Jump, but instead of falling freely onto a platform underneath, the rope can swing in a zigzag fashion as the pendulum. This Giant Swing Ride takes place on the same platform as the bungee jump. This means that we went down 83 meters, too. After a tiring day of swinging and jumping the camp, we retreated to camp. The next day was the end of our centre. After a rousing start as well as breakfast, we headed for Delhi and then returned home. If you’re an adventurer as we are, then this Daredevil Tour might be just right for you. The help we received during the tour was incredibly helpful, With every request being planned for us. The camp was well maintained and clean. The vehicles that brought us to Rishikesh and the city on the adventure tour were clean and well maintained to our delight.

Additionally, the entire tour was well-organized. Each adventure activity was guided by experienced guides, making it simple for those who weren’t experienced to participate. As per the Thrillophilia review on Pinterest, the tour exceeded all of our expectations. We can’t wait to do it next time! Just to also add that if you love India treks and have just bought a Western Ghats map with a view to exploring further check out this article too.