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top places to visit in new zealand

Top Places to Visit in New Zealand

New Zealand has many different wonders of the world all combined into one small piece of land. You can travel from beautiful, tropical beaches to snowy mountains within the space of a few hours. With a third of the country’s population being in one city, New Zealand is a naturally stunning, untouched island nation. 

The small amount of land mass means you have the ability to travel the entire length of the country with ease. However, due to the small population and very little public transportation, it’s recommended that you hire a car or buy a cheap one and sell it before you leave. Despite this, travelling to New Zealand is a bucket list item to check off – you’ll find many people spend the rest of their life raving about its unique beauty. In fact, the growth rate of the population is consistently high as people of all walks of life choose to immigrate to New Zealand. 

Here, we will look into the beautiful places you should visit on your trip around New Zealand.

Bay of Islands 

Bay of Islands sits at the top of the North Island. You’ll need to land in the closest international airport before travelling three hours by car to this region. As the name suggests, it is filled with spectacular tropical islands. 144, to be exact. There are many tourist attractions to try, including water sports such as jet skiing, kayaking, scuba diving and more. If you’re on a budget, simply visit the beaches and marine life and bring a picnic full of food from the local supermarket. 

Mount Maunganui / Tauranga

Mount Maunganui stands tall overlooking the beach in Tauranga. Spend around 30 minutes walking to the peak of the mountain and you’ll have incredible 360 views of Matakana island, the Pacific Ocean, the Tauranga coast and town. Spend time relaxing at the beach, potter around the coastal shops and hospitality, and tour through the different waterfalls. Omanawa falls, ten minutes from the city centre, is the most beautiful waterfall in New Zealand. However, you should check online before visiting as it sometimes becomes temporarily closed due to slips. 


Here, the unique taste of New Zealand begins. Rotorua is a hotspot for geothermal activity and most importantly, the heart of New Zealand’s indeginious Maori culture. Experience authentic Maori food – a Hangi, while watching the traditional dance – the Haka. Tour through the Buried Village of Te Wairoa which looks into the history of the 1886 volcano eruption which covered the pink and white terraces – natural terraced hot pools which flowed down inot spectacular levels of hot water and crystalised staircases. Many natural hot pools still exist and are viable to soak in. Go on different walking tours of geothermal geysers and sink into incredible mud pools at the end of the day – holding many skin benefits. 

Milford Sounds

Milford Sounds are named the eight wonders of the world. These sounds are like a real-world version of Jurassic Park, with incredible green cliffs and waterfalls. Take a cruise through the sounds and come up close and personal to seals, kea birds, and more. The scenery is like something out of a dream.


A tourist town in the South Island amidst lakes and snowy mountains, Queenstown doesn’t just have breathtaking views but is filled to the brim with adventure. Home to the invention of the bungy jump, you can also paraglide off the mountain, speed through the valley in a jet boat or down the mountain on small go-karts, otherwise known as the luge. Relax at Onsen hot pools, wooden, luxurious, private hot pools overlooking the valley. And try out all the raved about restaurants and cafes, including the famous Ferg Berger seen all over Instagram. 

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park

Mount Cook is the highest peak in New Zealand and holds the longest glacier. You could spend weeks going on walks, if you wish. If you aren’t experienced with hikes, simply walk through the village, surrounded by snowy, spectacular peaks, and through the Hook Valley Glacier Walk where you will witness a lake full of real life icebergs and snowy mountains. Truly breathtaking.

New Zealand is easily one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. It’s no wonder there is a huge waitlist to gain residency here. Once you have your own car, you can tour the country with ease. Fortunately, there are New Zealand mechanics you can stop in along the way, if any issues arise. 

Olivia Fairhurst is a business owner and content manager for various clients, including Tony Allen Auto Service. Olivia studied a degree in communications, majoring in journalism and has past experience as a journalist and Senior PR executive.