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Best Places to Visit in Amsterdam in 2021 On Your Fantastic Trip

Amidst the top well-known tourist destinations around the globe, Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city that draws tourists to explore its charm and rich history. There are a variety of locations to explore in Amsterdam and an array of things that are new to be experienced throughout the city. It is often described as “Venice of the North” due to the sheer number of canals found here, which is a complete delight for travellers of all generations from different regions of the globe. More than just the typical image of cannabis cafes and its famous red-light zone in terms of Amsterdam sightseeing. This is the perfect vacation spot for visitors to explore. It’s a popular, reputable destination that guarantees a fun time with your family and friends! Known for being “the “Venice of the North” because of its charming canal system; The list of breathtakingly beautiful destinations to visit in Amsterdam is a must-see on the capital city’s list on the bucket list of all travellers. Amsterdam is known for its historic churches such as the West Church, the Old Church, and the Portuguese Synagogue, which still look stunning, enduring the test of time.
Here are some best places you should select to visit for your next Amsterdam tour packages: –

  1. Van Gogh Museum
    For those who love the arts and culture, This is among the most renowned Amsterdam tourist spots. It is the home of Van Gogh’s unique and stunning work; the collections here have been divided into different periods that he lived through. Two hundred paintings, 500 etchings, and 700 letters written by family members or friends are in this single location. There are also the most famous paintings like potato eaters and the Vase of Sunflowers within the museum.
  2. Rijksmuseum
    One of Amsterdam’s most well-known tourist attractions and, without doubt, the most extensive art collection, The Rijksmuseum (National Museum), was established in 1798 to hold the nation’s vast array of artwork and antiques. The museum’s vast collection comprises more than a million artifacts from the cultural past dating to the period from the 13thcentury up to the present day, including more than 8,000 paintings of great importance, which are scattered across 250 rooms of this vast building.
    Alongside its artwork and art collection, the Rijksmuseum has a library with more than 35,000 manuscripts and books and a variety of intriguing exhibits covering the growth of culture and art within the Netherlands. Particularly noteworthy are the collection of handicrafts from the past and medieval sculptures and contemporary art styles.
  3. Verzetsmuseum
    It is located close to the Artis Zoo; the Dutch Resistance Museum Verzetsmuseum will tell the story of the people throughout the Netherlands during the Nazi occupation. Although it was often regarded as an obscure treasure, this museum is beginning to gain popularity with visitors who take in informative and often stimulating reflections on the period.
    Visitors can download an audio guide to guide visitors through the museum and explain the various exhibits. This museum is home to the Dutch Resistance Museum also comes with old artifacts, films, and sound pieces that offer direct insight into how the Dutch Resistance began to take shape throughout the Netherlands.
  4. Amsterdam’s West Church
    Amsterdam’s West Church should be included in your travel plans if you are looking for churches in the Netherlands. It is among the top renowned Amsterdam tourist destinations following the wedding of Queen Beatrix in 1966. The church has echoes of Renaissance architectural styles in its constructions and a few aspects of Gothic design. The tower is the tallest in the city and has 85 meters in height. The tower’s top is adorned with a replica of the crown of Austria’s emperor Maximilian.
  5. Royal Palace Of Amsterdam
    Enter the world of hidden treasures inside The Royal Palace of Amsterdam. The Palace is located on the west end of Dam square (an important Town square in the capital city). Adjacent to it is the War Memorial and next to Nieuwe Kerk, a 15th-century church. The elegant style of the Palace is situated in the most affluent place of history in the middle and heart of Amsterdam! The present Dutch Palace symbolizes the Great European History and the numerous stories of the paintings, artifacts, and sculptures that decorate the Palace to this current day.
    The Palace is well-known for its architectural style and historical significance, similar to other European palaces. The Palace was built during the Dutch Golden Age; the Palace was called The Town Hall for the magistrates in Amsterdam. A few documents indicate that it was the most prominent secular and governmental structure in Europe during the 17th century. It was believed as one of the “eighth wonders” of the world. The time was when the Town Hall was also an important location for trades and socio-economic transactions throughout the capital city.