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Top Rated Travel Booking Apps That Every Traveler Need 

If you are looking for new travel platforms that enable you to create a profound plan without missing anything, stick with us. PYMNTS, a global data company, shared a list of top travel booking apps based on parameters like coverage, downloads, monthly average users, session per user, etc. You can use them to explore your options where you find something more. 

  1. Airbnb for Instant Booking 

When you trying to find an escape from your hectic routine to a unique travel destination, Airbnb will help you to transform your travel experience. It allows you to choose the best accommodation for yourself between the 4 million hosts worldwide. The app went through a lot of controversies because of the new regulations that were not only imposed on owners but slides to hosts. 

Despite Airbnb being banned in New York, Paris, Japan, and Barcelona, travelers still seem to use it for booking places to stay. 

  • is one of the most well-known travel booking apps platforms that earn a trustworthy reputation in the travel industry. The App has a strong say among its users as it suggests the hottest travel destinations, travelers try to explore them. The best features of the app include cancellation for free at most of the apartments and hotels available on the platform.  The cancellation process just takes a few taps and you are free to choose next. 

The language barrier is also not a problem in the platform because it’s available in 43 languages. You can book flights, take holiday packages, and hire a car on too. 

  • Expedia

Expedia provides a bundling offer on its app where you can save additional money byTravel Booking Apps multiple things in one transaction such as a flight and hotel, or travel attraction ticket and hotel. The app also provides you options to pay in chunks which means you don’t need to pay the whole amount at the time of booking. You can get an eclectic mix of travel deals on Expedia’s Deals page and Expedia’s Last Minute Deals page. 

You can also buy your travel insurance from Expedia as it partners with AIG Travel Guard which offers the best trip protection when you need it. 

  • Hopper 

Hopper is the best travel app that helps you to determine the prices of flights and hotels. The app provides your separate rates for the night and season. So you can have a better idea of which one suits your budget. The key factors used in the app for price prediction include seasonal demand fluctuations and historical pricing trends. The app exhibits high accuracy when it comes to predicting the prices of flights even one year before booking. 

  • Skyscanner 

Skyscanner is like a search engine that aims to find the best prices for flight, hotel, and car rentals. The platform doesn’t show its prices but displays the same results given on the travel agencies’ and airlines’ websites. According to Skyscanner’s customer charter, they show the result precisely based on customer queries and preferred prices. 

The best thing about the app. It does not use cookies to monitor your searches and recommends packages to make you more interested. 

  • Vrbo 

There is a difference between the Airbnb App recommendation for housing and the Vrbo recommendation. Vrbo doesn’t show results for shared spaces but offers you stand-alone vacation houses only. For the cancellation and changes, you need to directly talk with the property manager. Here Vrbo will not help you to resolve the matter. 

The booking request is strictly based on your previous hosting ratings. You need to send the request including a price quote. And a message to your host who will review it properly. If the host has no issue with your request, you will be good to go in your travel accommodation. 


It will be great to make some data-driven decisions while you’re planning to spend your vacations with family and friends. With recent apps, it becomes easier to keep your options open. As you have a lot of info available at your disposal. Every app has its peculiar features that you can use to search for a feasible option for your travel accommodation and booking. For instance, if you’re looking for shared spaces. It is better to find them on the Airbnb app rather than on Vrbo.