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Planning Your Da Nang Adventure: Estimated Travel Expenses for 2023

People from all over the country are presently interested in Da Nang tourism 2023. Many of you wonder how much travel to Da Nang is required to have a whole experience there. In light of this, I will use this article to discuss and figure out the amount you will need to spend to visit each location, considering the expenses of lodging, meals, and transportation. From then, I hope you can devise a comprehensive strategy for preparing for subsequent Da Nang trip and the best of the vietnam tours.

How much money do you need to travel to Da Nang?

Those considering travel to Da Nang may ponder this question in preparation. First, you should come to Da Nang, and don’t overthink the costs since it’s very cheap compared to what you get.

I consider Da Nang one of Vietnam’s most appealing urban areas in its combination of natural beauty, welcoming locals, diverse attractions, and reasonable prices. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to find stunning views and exciting activities, look no further than my comprehensive piece. 

Da Nang is a lovely city with many things to see and do. I’ve included below information about some of Da Nang’s most stunning attractions that don’t even require an entrance fee. Expenses for transportation, lodging, food, and sightseeing excursions will all be broken down and examined in depth below.

Calculating the total costs when traveling to Da Nang

To help you plan your budget, I’ve broken down the total cost of a trip to Da Nang as precisely as possible. Please balance and manage the funds you have carefully. Check out this piece with me, and I’ll tell you how wonderful it is.

The cost of travel to Da Nang will depend on your starting location, which you precisely calculate! Here I choose Hanoi (Saigon) as the starting point:

  • Take the train from 500.000 VND – 800.000 VND /way/per person, depending on the chair or bed. The round trip price is 1.000.000 – 1.600.000VND.
  • Going by plane is about 600.000 VND – 800.000 VND/way/person. The round trip price is 1200k-1600k.
  • Taking a bus is cheaper, only about 700k-800k/round trip/person. When you travel to Da Nang, you usually stay for about three days.

In Da Nang, a standard hotel room for two persons costs only about 250.000VND to 300.000VND per room per night during the off-season and slightly more during the peak season, between 350.000VND and 400.000VND per room per night. The cost for three days for two individuals is approximately 1.200.000VND, or roughly 600.000VND per person.

Transportation cost in Da Nang: 

Here are some of the transport choices I recommend in Da Nang, along with the associated costs:

+ A motorcycle is undoubtedly the best and cheapest way to get around. But not everyone enjoys or is suited for it; families with young children, in particular, should avoid motorcycle travel, as should the elderly. Motorcycle rentals in Da Nang cost around 100,000 VND per day.

+ Taxi: This is also a convenient choice, though the taxi fare in Da Nang is one of the highest in the nation. 

+ The shuttle bus is the mode of transportation I advise for your needs due to its low cost and high convenience. The shuttle bus is the most convenient and economical for groups of three or four people or more, especially those with young children or the aged. I recommend some more services that will make your journey to Da Nang much cheaper.

Da Nang sightseeing costs 

Below are the ticket prices to visit Da Nang tourist attractions; which one you are interested in, add it to your wishlist of Da Nang travel expenses.

Note: For environmental reasons, as of October 1, 2018, Ba Na Hills has instituted regulations stating that NO FOOD OR DRINK MAY BE BROUGHT INTO THE AREA. 

  • Ticket to Ba Na Hill: Ba Na Hill is a famous tourist location, so the cost of admission and meals there is higher than in other significant attractions. On the first of April 2019, fox passes will cost 750.000VND (package ticket), the wax exhibit requires a $100 entry fee, and a typical buffet meal will cost you approximately 225.000VND.
  • Cu Lao Cham: Every summer, the tourist service of Cu Lao Cham changes, so the ticket price to Cano Cu Lao Cham also changes according to the season. Usually, it only takes about 250.000VND – 300.000VND x2 (two-way canoe money, you can choose to go by boat, it is cheaper, about 80k x2 but longer, easy to seasick), but this is just the cost of transporting from the port to the island. There will be a lot of additional services, such as motorbike rental, boat rental, diving, and snorkeling at your own expense. For the most convenience, you can also book a Cham Island Tour to save on fees and costs. This is the best service to visit Cu Lao Cham.
  • Visit Hoi An: Hoi An ancient town, unlike other spots. With my Hoi An travel experience, the ticket to Hoi An is only 80.000 VND (ticket price). If you purchase a ticket, you will be able to visit 4/12 more special attractions in Hoi An. Otherwise, wander the old town, eat, shop, and play games.
  • Visit Asia Park Da Nang: This is the most attractive entertainment spot in the inner city of Da Nang. Asia Park Danang has an entrance fee of 200.000 – 300.000 VND (package ticket). It would be best if you go from Monday to Thursday since the price is only 200.000 VND, and it costs 300.000 VND from Friday-Sunday.
  • Than Tai Mountain: To travel to Than Tai Mountain, you must buy an entrance ticket which costs 350.000 VND, and the cost of eating, mud bath, and tea bath is not included. The cost of eating buffet on Than Tai Mountain is 220.000 VND at Red Dragon restaurant, and there is only one restaurant in this Danang tourist destination. In addition, you should also book a tour for the most convenient way to move. The price is much better than going on your own.
  • Marble Mountains: The entrance fee is 60.000 VND/person. 
  • Take a Han Riverboat: The ticket price to board the train is 100.000VND, excluding food and drink + 3D painting museum: The ticket price to check in is 140k/person.
  • My Son Sanctuary: Moving from Da Nang to My Son takes 70km. The ticket price is 80.000VND. 
  • Museum of Cham Sculpture: Price 40.000VND/ticket. The choice here is also very reasonable when you have nowhere else to visit. 

Food costs in Da Nang

It is also complicated to give an exact number of food costs because you need to know what you eat or whether you eat seafood since the price in Danang is relatively high than other dishes. Still, each person spends about 200k on food daily, which is fine.

In addition, you can calculate an additional amount that costs about 300,000 VND / per person.

Total Cost for three days trips in Da Nang: 

In short, it is considered reasonable for three days in Da Nang, specifically: 

  • Moving to Da Nang: 1.500.000/person (airplane). 
  • Traveling in Da Nang: 300.000VND/person (motorcycle, including gas)
  • Hotel: 600.000VND/person
  • Visiting tourist attractions: 1.500.000VND/person 
  • Food: 600.000VND
  • Incurred: 300.000VND

The total cost for the trip to Da Nang is 4.800.000 VND, including airfare. So with just under 5 million VND, you can have an extremely comfortable and exciting journey to Da Nang. You can even go at a much lower cost by choosing a cheaper hotel, taking a bus instead of an airplane, or replacing Ba Na Hills with another location. So, don’t worry about travel expenses. when traveling to Da Nang, all you have to do is pack your bags and go in. Of course, there are about 4-5 million VND in the backpack, which is too comfortable for a great trip.

Hopefully, the information provided above about the total cost of a trip to Da Nang by Threeland Travel will assist you in planning and preparing for your upcoming trip to Da Nang. Remember to follow Threeland Travel for more information on our diverse package tours, many new destinations, and valuable travel experiences.