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Las Vegas Welcomes Visitors Looking to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Although Las Vegas is best known for its pulsating nightlife and thrilling casinos, the city has many options for nature lovers. Las Vegas is still a terrific place to visit even if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and appreciate the natural marvels that surround it This blog post will discuss some of the outdoor pursuits available in Las Vegas and why it is a fantastic choice for nature lovers.

Hiking and Camping in Las Vegas

Exploring Las Vegas can be an exhilarating experience, especially if you venture out into the surrounding natural areas. Hiking and camping options abound in the beautiful surroundings that encompass Las Vegas. Spectacular mountain and desert landscapes may be seen from many hiking paths in Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire State Park.

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon

Hikers can choose from several paths in Red Rock Canyon, as it is world-renowned for its incredible climbing routes. For instance, the Calico Tanks Trail is a moderate climb that leads to a group of natural ponds in a beautiful canyon. This hike is a fantastic opportunity to take in the desert and mountain scenery that surrounds Las Vegas.

Camping at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Many campers go to Lake Mead National Recreation Area because of its wide range of camping options. The campgrounds are located on Lake Mead’s coast so guests can take in breathtaking views of the lake and the mountains in the distance. Lake Mead Campers may participate in a wide range of outdoor pursuits, including fishing, boating, and hiking.

Exploring Valley of Fire State Park

The red rock formations and desert views of Valley of Fire State Park make it a popular place for hikers and campers. In this park, hikers can choose from several routes, including the Fire Wave Trail, which winds through a beautiful canyon, to a peculiar rock formation called the Fire Wave. Visitors can also spend the night at one of the park’s campgrounds, such as the scenic Atlatl Rock Campground.

Water Activities in Las Vegas

Boating on Lake Mead

Fishing, swimming, and water skiing are just a few of the numerous things that may be enjoyed while aboard a boat for recreation on Lake Mead. Visitors interested in exploring the lake can either hire a boat from a marina or bring their watercraft with them, and both options are available. Whether you’re looking to spend a day fishing or just want to cruise around the lake, a visit to Lake Mead is a must for anyone visiting Las Vegas.

Swimming at Red Rock Canyon

You may beat the heat of the desert by swimming in one of the many natural ponds or streams in Red Rock Canyon. These streams of water are abundant in the area, and the pools, fed by springs, offer a much-appreciated reprieve from the sweltering heat. The water in the streams and pools is typically crystal clear, making it an ideal location for snorkeling or simply wading in the cool water. 

Kayaking on the Colorado River

Paddling down the Colorado River in a kayak allows visitors to take in stunning views of the surrounding mountains and desert landscapes. Paddling along the river at one’s own pace while soaking in the beautiful surroundings is an option for visitors.  Overall, kayaking on the Colorado River is a unique and serene way to experience the beauty of the desert landscape surrounding Las Vegas.

Other Outdoor Adventures in Las Vegas

Zip-lining over Bootleg Canyon

Bootleg Canyon offers multiple zip-line courses with varying heights and speeds, providing visitors with a unique and thrilling experience each time. Safety is a top priority, and all zip-lining equipment is inspected regularly to ensure visitors’ safety. The guides are highly trained and knowledgeable, making the experience not only safe but also informative and fun. Zip-lining is an excellent activity for individuals, couples, and groups who want to add some excitement to their Las Vegas adventure.

ATV Tours in the Mojave Desert

Another thrilling activity to enjoy in Las Vegas is exploring the Mojave Desert on an ATV. Guided tours are available that will take visitors on an off-road adventure through the desert, providing an opportunity to see unique landscapes and wildlife. This is a great activity for those who enjoy adventure and want to experience the desert in a new way. ATV tours can range from a few hours to a full day, with different packages available to suit different preferences and skill levels.

Skydiving Over the Las Vegas Strip

Skydiving above the Las Vegas Strip is an experience that should not be missed by anyone who is looking for the most intense sensation that is possibly conceivable. Participating in a tandem skydiving tour and jumping out of an airplane at a height of 10,000 feet above the city is likely to be the most exhilarating experience a person can have.


When it comes to outdoor recreation, Las Vegas is hard to beat. Visitors may enjoy anything from hiking and camping to water sports and other adventurous pursuits, all while taking in the area’s breathtaking scenery. Experience this iconic destination’s natural beauty and heart-pounding excitement by venturing outside of Las Vegas’s casinos and nightlife. So, take a break from the city’s glitz and glamor and venture out into the natural wonders that surround it.