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Indians and Italians Can Now Travel To India On The Same Visa

India has been the home to some of the most ancient civilisations and today, it welcomes tourists from all over the world. Belgian citizens have had a visa-free regime with India since 2007 and now, Italian citizens are also eligible for a visa on arrival. So if you’re planning a trip to India soon, make sure you check out our latest blog post to find out all the details you need!


In recent years, the number of Indians traveling to Italy has increased substantially. This is in part because Italy has been ranked as one of the top travel destinations for Indian tourists. In addition, there are a number of visa-free agreements between India and Italy that make travel easier for both Indians and Italians. INDIAN VISA FOR BELGIAN CITIZENS

Indian travelers can now visit India on a single visa. Prior to this, Indian travelers were required to obtain multiple visas for different parts of India. This process was often time-consuming and expensive.

Italian travelers to India can now also enjoy visa-free travel. Previously, Italian travelers had to obtain visas prior to visiting any of the 27 Indian states. This process was often difficult and required significant advance planning.

With these new visa arrangements, it is now much easier for Indian and Italian tourists to explore all that both countries have to offer.

Highlight the issue of Indian Citizens traveling to Belgium

Belgium has recently relaxed its visa requirements for Indian citizens, making it easier for them to travel to the country. The new rules allow Indians to stay in Belgium for up to 90 days without a visa, and also allow them to work in the country. Indian nationals are now able to travel to Belgium on the same visa as Italians, who have had no restrictions on their entry since 2007. Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said that the new regulations were designed to make Belgium “one of the most welcoming countries in Europe” for Indians. INDIAN VISA FOR ITALIAN CITIZENS

The move follows increasing numbers of Indian tourists visiting Belgium. According to official figures, Belgian tourism revenue from India grew by 24% between 2014 and 2015, reaching €30 million. This growth is likely due in part to the increase in rates of foreign exchange offered by Belgian banks compared with other European countries. Brussels is now the seventh most popular destination for Indian tourists, after London, Paris, Delhi, Mumbai, Istanbul and Bangkok.

Why is the Indian Government now making an exception for Indian citizens?

The Indian government has announced that it will be making an exception for Indian citizens to travel to the country on the same visa. This change comes as a result of the increasing number of Italian tourists who are visiting India. The new policy will allow Indians to stay in India for up to 60 days, instead of the current 30 day limit. This change is expected to make traveling to India more convenient for Indian citizens and Italian tourists.

Who are these new arrivals and what are their qualifications?

In a landmark move, the two countries have agreed to allow nationals of both India and Italy to travel to each other’s countries on the same visa. The move is seen as a way of boosting bilateral trade and cooperation between the two countries. The agreement was reached during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Italy last month. Those who qualify for the visa will now be able to visit India for tourism or business purposes without having to apply for a separate visa. The new visa will be available to people from both countries who hold passports from those countries and have not been convicted of any crimes that would prevent them from traveling to India. Applicants will also need proof of funds sufficient for their stay in India and evidence that they are not travelling for political reasons.

What does India gain from this decision?

The Indian government has announced that it is moving to end the longstanding visa restrictions between India and Italy. This move is seen as a major boon for tourism in both countries, as it will make it easier for tourists from both countries to travel to each other’s countries. Additionally, this decision is expected to increase trade between the two countries.

How are poor Indians excluded from benefits like these?

Many tourists visiting India are not aware that the country has a large population of poor Indians. These Indians are often excluded from many of the benefits that tourists enjoy, like free transportation and access to tourist sites. Poor Indians also find it hard to afford to visit India, as they earn much less than the average tourist.

To help these people enjoy the same privileges as other tourists, India has begun issuing visas specifically for poor Indians. This visa allows holders to travel to India and stay for up to six months without having to prove any income or financial stability. The program is currently only available to Indian citizens, but it is hoped that it will eventually be expanded to include other foreigners as well.

Concluding thoughts

Looking to travel to India? Indian and Italian nationals can now do so on the same visa, making it easier for tourists from both countries to explore this fascinating destination. This new policy reflects India’s growing ties with Italy, which has been a strong economic partner of India for many years. The two countries have developed a strong cultural relationship as well, with Indians traveling to Italy to learn about their art and architecture. This new visa policy will make it even easier for tourists from both countries to visit each other’s country, and allow people from all over the world more opportunities to experience the incredible culture and beauty of India.