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Apply for Indian Visa from UK and Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens

India and Malaysia share a special relationship. So, both countries have visa-free entry for each of the other’s citizens!

What is an Indian Visa?

If you are a citizen of India, then you may be able to apply for an Indian visa from the United Kingdom. In addition, Indian citizens may also be able to apply for a Malaysian visa if they are travelling to Malaysia for business or pleasure. Before travelling to either country, it is important to ensure that you have the correct documents ready and accessible. Apply for Indian Visa from UK

How to Apply for an Indian Visa from UK?

If you are a citizen of India and you want to travel to Malaysia, then you need to apply for an Indian visa from the UK. The process is straightforward and can be done in just a few easy steps.

The first step is to visit your nearest British embassy or consulate in India. You will need to provide your passport information, as well as your visa application form (which can be downloaded from the website of the British embassy or consulate).

Once you have submitted all of the necessary paperwork, the embassy or consulate will contact Malaysian immigration authorities to get your visa approved. The process typically takes around three weeks, but can occasionally take longer depending on demand. Once your visa has been approved, you will need to return to the British embassy or consulate in India to collect it.

How to Apply for Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens?

To apply for an Indian visa from the UK, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Indian High Commission website and click on “Apply online”.
  2. Complete the application form and upload all required documents (e.g. a passport-sized photograph).
  3. Pay the applicable visa fee (£80 for citizens of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka; £60 for other citizens of Commonwealth countries) and submit the completed application form. Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens
  4. Wait for your application to be processed and receive an email notification with your decision (usually within a few weeks). If your application is successful, you will be issued with a visa stamp in your passport.

Indian Visa Application Process

If you are a citizen of India and you are planning to visit any of the 25 countries that have visa-free arrangements with India, then you will need to apply for an Indian visa beforehand. The application process for Indian visas is relatively straightforward, and can be completed in a few simple steps.

First, you will need to gather all of the necessary documents. This includes your passport (along with photocopies of all pages), a valid travel insurance policy, and your passport photo. You should also bring any evidence that proves your identity, such as a driver’s license or birth certificate.

Next, you will need to visit the nearest Indian embassy or consulate. There, you will be required to submit your documents and pay the applicable fees. In most cases, the processing time for an Indian visa is around two weeks. However, this timeframe may vary depending on the specific embassy or consulate you visit.