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5 Fantastic Reasons to Move to Texas

There’s nothing tiny or average about the amazing Lone Star State. Even frozen margaritas were invented in Texas, and talk about the incredible food! 

Folks have been flocking to the state these days more than ever. In fact, Texas sees an average daily influx of 1,000 new people. Now, that’s impressive. 

So, why are people packing their bags to move to the Lone Star State? 

Keep reading, and you’ll see why.

1. Location

You’ve heard the classic expression many times before: “Location, location, location,” and that is exactly what the great state of Texas offers to just about everyone who lives there.

Just ask any Texas native, and they will tell you that the Lone Star State places the entire nation right at your fingertips. Wherever you decide to set down roots in Texas, you will be located near almost any destination of interest in the United States.

Also, it’s only a four-hour flight to almost any point of interest across the country, when you take off from Dallas.

So, if being in such a hub of excitement sounds just about right for you, contact an Austin real estate agent to help you find a suitable and comfy home in Texas.

2. Recreation

People enjoy having wonderful options and tons of them, and that’s what Texas gives you when you’re looking for recreation. Whether you’re going out solo, as a couple, or with family and friends, you will never be bored in the Lone Star State.

Texas takes great pride in the famous Houston Space Center, for one, and there are a large variety of art, history, and natural science museums to visit. There are also historic landmarks such as the Alamo, and plenty of national parks to check out.

There are aquariums and zoos and symphonies and orchestras all over Texas.

What’s not to love? Get out there, and explore!

3. No Income Tax

Here’s another fabulous reason for considering a move to Texas. You don’t have to worry about giving your hard-earned money away because the state has no income tax.

That means that your wages go further, and you can appreciate the lifestyle you want to have.

Speaking of wages, Texas boasts a strong economy, and the wages are strong, too. For example, the median household income in Austin is about $80,954.

The numbers also show that making a living in the Lone Star State is pretty good with the average salary at almost $9,000 above the national average.

4. Weather

Texas offers warmth all year round, and if you’ve ever struggled through a cold snowy winter, well, Texans don’t have to worry much about that.

The summers may be hot and humid, but the rest of the year is quite lovely, and this huge state offers virtually every type of weather imaginable. For instance, the city of El Paso enjoys the sunniest days in all of Texas with 293 total days of sun during the year.

In Pampa, in the Texas Panhandle, the city has the lowest average maximum temperature in Texas of 70 degrees.

College Station offers low humidity, and it’s home to Texas A&M University, which gives the city a tremendous, energetic vibe.

5. Diversity

Another key reason to move to Texas is its welcoming environment. The Lone Star State ranks as the second most diverse state in the nation and takes pride in inclusion for all.

Did you know that in Houston alone, more than 145 languages are spoken?

Texas’s unique diversity brings a rich and vibrant culture to its many communities, and that brings up another awesome reason for setting down roots in Texas. Folks are super friendly. Talk about southern hospitality; you will find that people across the big state offer support and a warm welcome, and that kind of easy-going attitude matters to most individuals.

On a side note, Texas makes great wine! Yes, indeed, the Lone Star State has its place in “wine country” ranking fifth in the nation. The state features some 352 wineries and an annual output of 4,280,400 gallons.

Ready to Move to Texas?

Texas does everything big, and you can see why. It is a spectacular, grand state whose motto is known as “Friendship.” It offers folks a beautiful place to call home with a lot to see and do no matter what lifestyle you envision.