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The top 5 European hotspots to visit this summer

Looking for a scenic European destination to visit this summer? Check out some of the top hot spots in Europe! From beautiful beaches to lively cities, these five spots will have you itching to take a trip.

Where should I make the effort to visit in Europe this summer?

This summer, Europe is brimming with hotspots to visit. From the beaches of Spain and Portugal to the lakes of Austria and Switzerland, there are plenty of places to enjoy the warm weather and stunning sights of Europe. Here are the top European hotspots to visit this summer:

1. Barcelona, Spain: This charming city is full of history and culture, as well as some of the best beaches in Europe. The Gothic Quarter is a must-see area, as is La Rambla, one of Barcelona’s main streets.

2. Vienna, Austria: Vienna is a wonderfully historic city that has much to offer visitors, including beautiful parks and lakeside views. The Hofburg Palace is a well-known landmark, as is the Stephansdom Cathedral.

3. Geneva, Switzerland: Geneva is known for its clean air and beautiful lakeside scenery. It’s also home to some of the world’s most famous museums, such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Musée d’Orsay.

4. Prague, Czech Republic: Prague is an ancient city with a thriving arts scene that’s sure to please visitors of all ages. Highlights include the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square.


Berlin is one of the top European hotspots to visit this summer. This city has a beautiful history and is full of lively nightlife options. There are also many interesting attractions to explore, like the Berlin Wall Memorial and the Reichstag.

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, take a trip to the hills of Potsdam or the lakes of Baden-Württemberg. Berlin is also home to some world-renowned museums, like the Museum of Modern Art and the Holocaust Museum. So whether you’re looking for a vibrant city to explore or just some relaxation time in the sun, Berlin is definitely worth considering.


Croatia is one of the top European destinations to visit this summer.

Croatia is a stunning destination that offers plenty to see and do. It is well-known for its beautiful beaches, stunning mountains, and lively cities. There are numerous hotspots to visit in Croatia this summer, but the top three are Split, Dubrovnik, and Osijek.

Split is a vibrant city with an exciting history. It is home to the famous St. Mary’s Basilica, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cathedral is a must-see attraction. Dubrovnik is one of the world’s most recognizable cities thanks to its impressive architecture and beautiful canals. Osijek is a smaller city that offers plenty of attractions, such as the Zagreb Film Festival, the Palace of Ban Josip Jelačić, and Mount Sljeme. There are also many beautiful lakes and parks in Croatia that offer excellent opportunities for hiking and biking.


If you’re looking for a stunningly beautiful setting to spend your summer vacation, head to Mykonos. This tiny island is home to some of the most idyllic beaches in all of Europe, and it’s also packed with charming villages, delicious food, and lively nightlife.


Rome is one of the most iconic cities in the world, and it’s no wonder why so many people visit it each year. Not only is Rome full of historical sites that are worth visiting, but its canal system makes for a great walking or biking experience. Plus, the city has plenty of attractions for those who love history as well as nature lovers.


Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world, and that’s definitely true for summertime. The city is always bustling with activity due to its wide range of attractions


Sardinia is one of the top European hotspots to visit this summer. This beautiful island is home to some of the most stunning scenery on the Mediterranean Sea. Highlights include the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cinque Terre, which is a collection of five villages with stunningly scenic coastline. If you’re looking for a more active experience, head to the mountains for hiking trails and skiing slopes in resorts like Cala d’Or. Or if you’re more relaxed, take in the views from one of Sardinia’s many beaches.


Barcelona is one of the top European hotspots to visit this summer.

Once considered a sleepy fishing village, Barcelona has now become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The city has a rich history and is packed with attractions that will captivate anyone who visits. Highlights include the Gothic Quarter, which contains some of the best architecture in Europe; La Rambla, one of the most famous streets in the world; and Gaudí’s Park Güell, which is one of the most iconic examples of Modernista architecture.

Barcelona is also a great place to enjoy the Mediterranean climate. The city has plenty of beaches and stunning coastal areas that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and sailing. There are also a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Barcelona that offer an amazing dining experience.


This summer, Europe is a melting pot of culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or soak up some of the continent’s unique arts and music scene, these five European hotspots will have you exploring new territory while enjoying all that the region has to offer. So pack your bags and head on over – this summer won’t be the same without you. Or if you are a UK lover then have a look at TOP CAMPING SITES IN ABERDARON: THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO ABERDARON