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Abersoch Camping – The 5 Beaches that make Abersoch the Perfect Camping Destination

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. As well as being one of the most affordable, it’s also one of the most convenient ways to break up your routine and explore new places. If you’re looking for a beautiful camping spot in Wales, then Abersoch might be just what you’re after! You’ll find that there are many campsites in Abersoch that suit any size group or budget. In this article, we’ll look at 5 beaches that help Abersoch camping beat so many other destinations.

Other reasons that make Abersoch the Perfect Family Camping Destination

Abersoch is a stunning location for families to go camping. The area offers sandy beaches, soaring mountain ranges, and rolling green slopes. And that’s just scratching the surface. It’s the perfect place to take in some serious Welsh culture too!

Abersoch camping on the Llyn Peninsula and the microclimate.

It is well documented that Abersoch benefits from a microclimate.  A microclimate is a set of atmospheric conditions that differ to the other surrounding locations.   Certainly, the area of Wales often referred to as Cheshire on sea, can have very different weather from the Cheshire area that so many visitors hale from.  The journey to Abersoch is reasonably easy until you get to the winding roads past Pwllheli.  There is often a breath-taking change in the sky with clouds parting to reveal stunning sunshine as you round the last corners taking you into this wonderful seaside village.

The location on the Llyn peninsula is credited with giving Abersoch this wonderful benefit.  It is because Abersoch is surrounded on 3 sides by sea and has proximity to the Gulf Stream.  So, if you are thinking of booking your spring break at a camp site in Abersoch then you could be happy with the sunny weather.   Do beware also that if it is sunny in Cheshire, it can sometimes be raining in Abersoch too!  The differing weather can of course work both ways!

The wonderful beaches perfect for Abersoch camping holidays:

Abersoch Main Beach

This area has a wonderful sandy beach with a blue flag award.  The main beach is very popular because of its sheltered position.  Abersoch beach is also very popular for water sports including windsurfing and sailing with many sailing events also being held here.  Abersoch main beach also has coveted beach huts and is dog friendly with separate areas for dogs.

The main beach in Abersoch is not the only one though and if you are thinking of camping around this area then it is worth taking a visit to the other beaches nearby. 

Porth Neigwl (Hell’s Mouth)

This beach is known for its rough sea – hence the name.  This one is not suitable for children swimming, but with such powerful waves it is wonderful for a bracing walk taking in the excitement of nature.  There are lots of walkers on this beach blowing off the cobwebs and signs to help you learn about the beach’s history and wildlife.  A long, wide and windy beach that is great for walkers.

Machroes Beach

This beach is located at the quieter end of Abersoch main beach.  This beach has boat launching facilities and a toilet block next to the small car park too. Mickeys Boatyard café is located at this end of the beach so nipping into the Little Tearooms makes an event of this day out on this beach. The beach is secluded in the early mornings so perfect for a cleansing and waking swim.

Abersoch Harbour Beach

This beach is very picturesque but affected by tides more than the other beaches, so access needs to be timed.  If you get there at low tide then it is worth a visit for a good walk with easy access from Abersoch town centre. The sand on this beach is exceptional and a great place to learn to surf or take a boat tour of the coast from.

Port Ceiriad Beach

This beach is probably the most difficult of the five to get too, but well worth the effort.  This is a small, secluded beach between the main beach and Hell’s Mouth.  There is a car park, however the 5 – 10-minute walk down to the beach with some steps and difficulty does not make it very accessible for less able visitors.  The beach is sandy and rocky, with calm waters suitable for body boarding but not for surfing.

Certainly, if you love walking & beach life then camping in or around Abersoch is going to give you a great holiday that you won’t forget.  If the microclimate hits you lucky then really this is one of the nicest places in the UK, you could be in the sunshine.  Look at what events are on too during the year because Wakestock, held at the start of July, is one of the most popular wakeboarding festivals in the world. if you are wanting a holiday full of fresh air and health benefits for your children then Abersoch could be the perfect destination.