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How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Just 4 Sec

How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Just 4 Sec

Changing the format of a HEIC to PDF is an easy way to preserve the original look and quality of the heic file. To get started, you can use tools such as FreeFileConvert, ImageMagick, ScanWritr, and PDFgear. There are many options to choose from so you can find the best tool for your needs.


Whether you’re creating an image from a scanned document or want to edit one that’s already on your computer, ScanWritr can do the job. It’s an all-in-one online document editor that can convert almost any document into PDF or image format. It’s perfect for home and business use. Using ScanWritr, you can fill out forms, sign documents, add stamps, and even upload photos of scanned documents.

ScanWritr is free and offers a number of powerful tools. It includes an eraser, pen tool, and mark tool. You can also add images, use different fonts, and annotate a document. You can even change the color saturation of a document.

The free version of ScanWritr is capable of recognizing most document formats, including Microsoft Office and OpenOffice. You can also convert your scanned documents to JPG or PDF. However, some ScanWritr services require a network connection. If you don’t want to connect to a network, you can purchase a subscription. This will unlock additional features, like the ability to save your documents without watermarks and save them as searchable PDFs. You can also sign documents using saved signatures.

ScanWritr is perfect for users with an Apple device, since it turns your device into an all-in-one document editor. You can scan, edit, and save documents to the cloud or your phone gallery. You can then share documents with family or friends. You can even send faxes using ScanWritr. In addition, it can print your document for you. You can even upload scanned documents to Dropbox or Google Drive.

You can also use ScanWritr on your PC or Mac. It supports a number of image formats, including JPEG and PNG.


HEIC is a file format for storing high-quality images. The format is particularly popular on mobile devices. However, HEIC images may not be ideal for sharing on other platforms. Fortunately, you can convert HEIC to PDF using several options.

ImageMagick is an open-source image processing program that supports many different image formats. It also offers a variety of image transformation tools. Some of its features include the ability to modify image resolution and colors, draw Bezier curves, and resize images.

ImageMagick is available on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The software is free to use. It supports a variety of image formats including HEIC, PNG, JPEG, GIF, and BMP. The software also allows users to add text and annotations to images, as well as add links and other information.

Another free HEIC to PDF converter is here. It is open-source software that supports a wide variety of platforms. It is also very easy to use. When you open a HEIC image, GIMP automatically detects the format you want to save it based on the file extension. The program also supports a variety of image editing options including adjusting the image’s resolution, rotating and flipping it, trimming the edges, and adding a variety of special effects.

How to Convert HEIC to PDF in Just 3 Sec

ConvertHQ is another HEIC to PDF converter. It offers a free plan, which includes 25 conversion minutes per day. However, the converter also offers a paid plan. The paid plan is priced at $8 per month for 1000 conversion minutes. The converter also offers a free plan that allows users to store up to 50MB of data for free.

The HEIC to PDF converter is an excellent option for users looking to convert HEIC files without hassle. It allows users to convert images, as well as transfer them to a CD drive or DVD drive. It also offers the ability to create new products or modify existing ones. The converter is compatible with all major PDF readers.


Using the online PDF tool PDFgear, you can convert HEIC to PDF in a quick and efficient manner. It’s an online tool that you can use for free. You don’t have to sign up for an account, and you can convert and edit PDF files from any device.

You can also use the online tool to convert HEIC to PDF on Mac, Linux, and Windows. The tool supports a wide variety of file formats, including a number of image formats. You can use the tool to edit, rotate, flip, and resize images. You can also add stamps, signatures, and measurements to your PDF files.

The PDFgear interface is a clean and simple one. You can drag and drop the images you want to convert. The interface also enables you to add text, measurements, shapes, and comments to your files. You can also add stamps and watermarks to your PDF files. You can also rename the files once you convert them.

The PDFgear tool is available for download on a variety of devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Linux. It is also compatible with Android devices. You can use the tool to convert your PDF files to other formats, including Word files. You can also use the tool to merge, split, and compress PDFs.

The PDFgear tool is geared towards users who are unfamiliar with the process of editing and converting PDFs. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface that enables you to follow step-by-step instructions. It also has a built-in PDF processing module.

One of the most notable features of PDFgear is its ability to convert HEIC to PDF without sacrificing the original quality of the image. The tool also provides you with a number of unexpected solutions.


HEIC is an image format used by Apple devices. It has several advantages. One of them is the ability to use a graphical interface for viewing and converting images. However, this format has a size limitation. HEIC images can only be converted to a limited number of files. However, some free conversion software can help you convert HEIC to PDF.

FreeFileConvert is an online file converter that converts a variety of file formats. It can convert HEIC to PDF, as well as a range of other image formats. It supports imports from URLs, Dropbox and Google Drive, as well as local uploads. The conversion process generally takes less than three minutes.

Another free online conversion tool is Online2PDF. The tool allows users to batch convert HEIC images to PDF. It also provides tools for compressing the output PDF. Users can also modify the page layout and add page numbers. The tool supports import of images from Dropbox, Google Drive, or local uploads.

Another free tool is Convertio. Convertio is a popular file converter. It can convert a wide range of file formats, including HEIC/HEIF images. The tool supports import of images from PC, Dropbox, and Google Drive, as well as local uploads. The tool also supports a variety of image editing tools. It can transform images and add text to them. It can also export images to PDF.

Finally, another free converter is Converseen. The tool can convert HEIC/HEIF images to PDF, as well as a number of other formats. It requires downloading and installation, but it has a graphical interface. It also supports import of HEIC and HEIF images. It can also import multiple files at a time. It also allows users to set the output location.


HEIC is a file format used for storing high-quality images. It is especially popular on mobile devices. However, when using HEIC images, users may encounter some issues. For example, when sending emails, HEIC images may not be compatible with other email systems. Therefore, converting HEIC images to PDF is a convenient option.

There are several free software programs that can convert HEIC files to PDF. Adobe Photoshop is one such application. It offers various tools for editing and modifying images. It has an Output Format menu with the option to convert the file to PDF. You can also use its Replace Transparent Background feature to modify the original color profile of input HEIC images.

Another tool that can be used to convert HEIC files to PDF is Convertio. This tool is available for both Windows and Linux. It can convert HEIF images to PDF and works with several other file formats. However, it also offers a free plan for testing the software. It also doesn’t require you to download or install any software. It works online in a web browser.

If you want to use an offline application to convert HEIC images to PDF, consider Converseen. It is free and available for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. It is an open source application that provides a graphical user interface and supports multiple image formats. It can also handle rotation, shearing, and trimming images.

Converseen is also an ideal option for batch conversions. You can convert several images at the same time. You can also customize the file size and resolution. You can also preview the images before conversion. It also provides an Action Panel to adjust the image resolution.