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How To Develop App Like Uber in 2021? Cost and Features


Nowadays, booking a cab or an application-based car service has become very easy. You just need to open the app, put in the address and the cab arrives within some minutes. This is the modern way of booking cabs which has left behind the traditional way of approaching taxi drivers face to face. This has been an advantage both from the customers and drivers point of view. Customers can book their ride hassle-free and the drivers have full information about the customers and the maps.

Apps like Uber are in demand and highly appreciated. According to the latest study, the cab business is increasing day by day. Here we are going to discuss the way on how you can develop and include things in your app just like Uber. Click here to know more insight of Uber clone app.

1. Great design and well-established application

When you are thinking of building an application like Uber, keep in mind that your application should be made in such a way that it does not hang or is slow when the users open it. The app should be designed in the best possible manner so that it can attract more and more customers and should be made glitch-free. The application must be made with the use of some premium applications and robust systems which will provide the customers the best user experience.

2. GPS settings and Maps

This is one of the most essential things which your application must have. Gone are the days when people used to ask other people regarding directions and spots. Google maps and GPS settings have changed the whole thing. With the use of maps, drivers can easily understand where to go and which direction to take. Maps also inform the drivers whether there is traffic or not. These functions are very important for a smooth travel experience.

3. Fare estimation

Another great tool to be used is the fare estimation calculator. Nowadays, people do not have to bargain with the drivers regarding the fare price. Apps like Uber, have preinstalled calculator which calculates the fair price according to the current surge and taking into consideration the distance to be traveled. Thus this feature promotes professionalism and increases loyalty. When you are planning to develop an application like Uber, this feature is a must.

4. Secure payment

We are living in the 21st century and now after the demonetization in 2016, people have started opting for inline payments. During the development of an Uber-like business, make sure that you give the customers the facility of paying money through any mode.

Many people will want to pay in cash but also there will be many who will want to go cashless. This is one of the most important features that you must not forget about. Some popular and secure payment gateways include Paytm, Paypal, Google Pay, and phone payments.

5. Registration of drivers and customers

Customer and driver profile setup is very important in cab booking applications as they permit you to get genuine information about your client base. Lately, it’s anything but a typical practice across all classifications of applications to permit client enlistment through Gmail or Facebook.

The profile of the customer should tell them to upload their picture, identity proof, and phone number. At long last, clients should be offered a rating/survey framework. This permits them to tell how their experience was and it can be utilized as input to improve the business.

6. Advance cab booking feature

Ride-booking is a high-level component made famous by Uber a couple of years back. It permits clients to book a ride ahead of time anyplace between 15 minutes to 30 minutes. This is a decent component for the individuals who like to prepare for their travel in advance. Booking also relieves the customer from the tension of booking a cab when they are getting late.

7. Messaging section

When you are building Uber-like application, make sure that you have implemented the feature of messaging section. Through the messaging platform, one can directly chat with the drivers in case you are somewhere where you cannot make a call. In-app messaging platform provides hassle-free traveling experience.

8. Push notification feature

This feature is another one of the most important things to be considered when developing an application like Uber. Push notification is something which is essential to inform the regular customers about the ongoing discounts and offers so that they can prevail them easily. The push notification feature is also important to inform the riders about the cab time arrival, one-time password, car number, and other relevant details.


With the invention of new technology, people have adapted themselves to Uber-like apps. Commuting from one place to another has become much easier for everyone. An application like Uber has been dominating the cab industry but still, there is a need for more such applications with many new features. It is advisable to do thorough research on Uber and other successful applications and generate ideas from them.

So, if you have decided and made sure that you want to develop a Uber-like application, what are you waiting for?

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