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Role of Enterprise Mobility Solutions In Enhancing Productivity of Manufacturing Industries 

The manufacturing sector is increasingly adopting enterprise mobility solutions to add to their productivity and quality. Mobility is becoming the essence of agile lately. To have cost-effective, robust, and agile solutions in manufacturing, enterprise mobility is the answer. 

There was a survey that included 3300 working IT professionals from the manufacturing industry. It stated that 70% of those professionals consider mobility significantly reduces downtime and increases productivity.  

Enterprise mobility services are providing solutions that help not only in the production part but also operations, and customer engagement. Also, it is nowadays optimized as a marketing tool. 

Challenges Faced by The Manufacturing Industry 

In order to understand how helpful are enterprise mobility solutions for the manufacturing sector, you first need to know the challenges that they face. The following are the most prominent challenges faced by the manufacturing industry: 

  • Marketplace globalization 
  • Increasing cost 
  • Explicit inventory 
  • Stringent government policies and guidelines 
  • Huge target audience 
  • Wastage management 
  • Data management 
  • Logistics maintenance 
  • Warehouse and infrastructure management 

Application of Enterprise Mobility Solutions in the Manufacturing Sector 

Companies in the manufacturing sector always keep themselves on their toes for increasing productivity and improving quality without spending more. To stay ahead of the curve manufacturing companies must meet the changing expectations of both consumers and stakeholders. This demands a planned technological innovation to become increasingly agile. An enterprise mobility application brings a solution to all these. 

Connect Workstations 

It is common for manufacturing enterprises to have many workstations and multiple manufacturing units. But connecting all the workplaces is quite a challenge. Managing all the operations simultaneously becomes difficult. Enterprise mobility mobile apps help streamline processes. Additionally, overall productivity is enhanced, thanks to real-time data and reports. 


Enterprise mobility solutions offer customized mobile apps that help in micro-management. You can supervise every level of the production process. Moreover, this analysis helps you prepare reports such as finance, marketing, HR, and production. The reports prepared are comprehensible for you to easily deduce the progress of the work. You can strategize next week’s plan based on that report. Identifying the areas of improvement to work on those gets easier. 

Increased productivity 

It is a proven fact that mobile apps add to productivity by 7 to 10 percent. A customized application helps you do even more. With supervision at every level, you can determine the contribution of each and every resource you have. From the tracking of the production team to the sales team to the logistics team, you can do it all. 

In addition to this, it brings all the teams on a single central dashboard. Besides better communication, it is helpful in effective collaboration. So, when different teams work in sync, it positively impacts productivity. Enterprise mobility solutions enhance the performance of each and every individual which drives the overall performance of the company. 

Manage stakeholders 

A manufacturing company has a number of partners other than vendors or channel or sales partners. Enterprise mobility services create tailor-made mobile apps as per your company’s requirements. They effectively connect all channels to drive revenue and keep all the stakeholders updated. As by this stakeholders can easily communicate with each other while keep being informed about the progress. From packaging to logistics to sales, everything can be organized through a mobile application. Updating the new product, the addition of new features, invoice generation, and reporting are some of the most significant elements of this. 


A manufacturing company deals with huge confidential data which can be related to things like finances, passwords, etc. The leak of anything that is crucial to the development of the business can lead to harm to its growth and identity. Security is not optional but a necessity and priority of the industries. Mobile apps provide robust security as they ask for credentials every time one gets to work. Also, it enables you to track the entire exchange of data whether inbound or outbound. Apps optimize RFID chips, cameras, GPS, and more for robust security. 

Some more ways in which enterprise mobility solutions prove to be useful in the manufacturing sector are: 

  • Mobile CRM platforms for order management, pricing, and customer service 
  • For managing inventory and streamlining production 
  • Communication and collaboration between various departments 
  • Machine connectivity 
  • Workers’ safety 
  • Mobility for BI (Business Intelligence

Enterprise mobility has many solutions for the manufacturing industry. Let’s take some of the applications here: 

  1. Field service management 
  1. Supply chain management 
  1. Asset management 
  1. Business Intelligence 
  1. Operations management 
  1. Material management 

Concluding Thoughts 

Manufacturing companies are readily opting for enterprise mobility services to get solutions to enhance their productivity. In the coming years, mobility solutions are only going to increase in this sector. As manufacturers have started to realize the significant technological advancement in their business processes. Mobility is not only evolving the way industries work but also how they analyze it and make the better out of each opportunity to increase productivity.