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6 Ways to Control Your Home with Your Smartphone

You do realize that your smartphone is only as good as its apps? Of course, we are aware that a good smartphone consists of more than just apps.

Smartphones allow you to access cameras, internet, different types of files, images, and much more. However, when you get your hands on the correct apps, you can accomplish more than you might expect. In fact, your smartphone could perhaps end up paying for itself with the appropriate equipment.

Let’s examine several methods for controlling our homes using technology. As you can see, home appliances are getting “smarter” with the first energy savings kit and smart home devices every day in the time we live in.

This indicates that they are equipped with more potent computer processors inside of their plastic or stainless steel bodies, and they can communicate with your smartphone and other devices via Wi-Fi.

Here are six ways to control your home with your smartphone

Smart Thermostats

The neat little Nest gadget is currently the talk of the town. Do you recall the iPod? Well, the same people who designed the iPod also produced an extremely cool thermostat. This thermostat includes an iPhone app and Wi-Fi.

This means that you can manage your home’s temperature from anywhere! You don’t want to return home to a chilly house, but you also want to save money by lowering the temperature while you’re away. So, what’s the solution then? Well, before you arrive home, simply use your smartphone to raise the temperature.

When you first use the Nest thermostat, it will get to know your schedule and set itself up to save you money on utilities. This implies that it won’t be long before Nest automatically lowers the temperature for you when you leave and raises it when you return home.

Security Cameras with Motion Detection

A home monitoring system is virtually preferable to cable TV. You can monitor who enters your home, thanks to innovative software and small, high-quality security cameras that are available today.

These cameras merely wait for motion to be detected before turning on; they do not continuously record. You can receive an alert on your smartphone when it turns on, and you can view video feeds from your home from anywhere in the world.

What a dream come true for travelers! The security settings may also be changed via your smartphone, and when combined with other home automation systems, you can practically control everything!

Security Systems

Remember that surveillance system you put in a few years back, with the control panel conveniently situated near the garage door or the master bedroom? With the advent of mobile computing, you can no longer use the outdated control panel and can now program anything using a smartphone.

Additionally, you will be able to get immediate alerts if there is any wrongdoing. ADT, SimpliSafe, Vivint, and Frontpoint are a few companies that provide control over your home security system via your smartphone.

If your home is equipped with the most recent smart key technology, you will be able to lock, unlock, and transmit time-sensitive smart keys to your family and friends if they need to enter. This not only simplifies life but also eliminates the stress of providing your neighbor the key to your home so they may feed your dog while you’re away.

All you’ll have to do is hand them a digital key that only functions for the amount of time you specify, after which your home will be locked.

Smart Lighting

Phillips manufactures the Hue smart light bulb, which allows you to simply control all of the light bulbs in your home. If you don’t want to entirely upgrade to new lamps or light switches, this makes a lot of sense.

With these smart bulbs, you can easily change the color of the lights, adjust their brightness or dimmer, and of course, turn them on and off. This eliminates the need for traditional on/off switches.

Smart Keys

Using standard locks and deadbolts to open doors is a thing of the past. When you upgrade your lock and key system, you no longer have to be concerned about someone duplicating your key to get into your house when you’re not there.

Additionally, it implies that you can always see whether doors are unlocked or open. For those who require temporary access inside, you can also create temporary keys. The biggest benefit, in our opinion, is that you no longer need to carry bulky keys around in your pocket to unlock your house.

Smart Pet Feeder

f you’re anything like me, you adore our pets but are often on the go, making it difficult to be present at planned feeding times. You can download different apps from the internet that enable visual confirmation using a camera and a remote meal dispenser.

This technology eases the burden of pet ownership. If only someone could create a robotic pooper-scooper…

All in All

Is it true that you can do most of these projects yourself? Yes, it is without a doubt, but the issue you will discover is that if you implement all of these procedures separately, you might not be able to completely cover your property.

To make this all work, you might also need to download several apps that communicate with all the gadgets. Such a mess, huh? If you want to automate your home by upgrading outdated appliances, lighting, security systems, and even solar panels, think about a third-party option. If you only have a few small side projects, do them yourself and test them out. However, if you are thinking big and have a tight budget, hire a professional to automate your home.