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What are the Best Toppings for Licorice Cookie?

To spice up the licorice cookie world, give it celebrities. They are built up upon the factor of popularity which advocates for the minimization of the significant benefits or harm done to reach the status. Magic cookies in the universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom is its celebrities, having the world twirl to their humming. 

Shouldering the weight of different responsibilities, they step out in the field to perform a number of different roles depending on the gravity of the situation and the limit to their capacities. While the buffs in the game hook them up with the labor of supporting the teammates, having survivability anchors the magic cookies to the allies. This instigates confusion about taking an active part in the process of choosing the best suitable topping for a particular magic cookie. Not all relationships can be perfect. 

The confusion pertains to the pairing of the Licorice Cookie with the most suitable topping as well. 

Fret not; we have the perfect recipe figured out for you.

How to Choose?

Not all recipes live up to your expectation. Putting white sauce on rice might not perform well in the taste department. Similarly, not all toppings combine well with a variety of magic cookies in this universe. Neither is it the responsibility of your intuition to make that decision for you. 

Invite your mind and practicality to the panel discussion and let them have an ultimate say in the matter. The players evaluate the needs of their complicated situation critically, and then they choose a specific topping to let the magic Cookie complete its assigned responsibilities in a far more favorable fashion. 

What is a Licorice Cookie?

This Cookie stands under the title of the best magic cookie in the Cookie Run: Kingdom, along with a few other ones. The frequent use of the Cookie is to throw it in the field as a secondary DPS character. They are associated with the role of damage dealers to work with the teams that have their functions focused on maintaining survivability. 

He summons his servants, quite widely known as the Licorice servants, and six of them make an appearance together on the main battlefield. Licorice servants move forward to attack the lines of the enemy and also deal with damage in the process. The Cookie itself takes a shield at the mid or at the rear position while the servants go on to fight the actual battle, feeding his survival with their constant protection and fighting off the enemy. 

It makes sense that the player’s focus should be to get hold of such a topping that creates an improvement in other given sub-stats of this Cookie. For example, cool down or DMG. 

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The Best Toppings for Licorice Cookie

Only two toppings have made a list as the most suitable partners.

  • Five Swift Chocolate Toppings

The decision of making these toppings the most eligible partner for the Cookie from the ton relies on the capacities and abilities of the latter. It is a cookie that stands at the main center of the battlefield, developing the referral of a middle cookie. His most important tool is his power to display the black lightning and the skill to summon his loyal servants. The use of this power favors the whole team by bringing the defense a notch up for a temporary span. 

Conclusively, the cool-down skill of this Cookie emerges as the most important feature to focus upon. Five Swift Chocolate toppings will create a minimizing effect on this skill, and the defense will remain improved for more time. 

  • Searing Raspberry Toppings

In the universe of Cookie Run: Kingdom, other toppings making round to serve as another considerably eligible potential mate are the searing Raspberry toppings which maintain its focus on another essential characteristic associated with the personality of Licorice Cookie, the DMG ratings. These toppings create a favorable boost in them when in need. 

Searing Raspberry Toppings are rare than the Five Swift Chocolate Toppings, but players having access to level 10-1 and higher ones can easily find it. While the ordinary DMG rating for him is 239%, the boost with these toppings can easily topple it with 350%. Hence, taking his hand and adding him to a more popular league of DPS. 

Final Note

Licorice Cookie possesses the advantage of the ability to perform multiple roles provided the right opportunity at the right time. It solely depends upon the player where they want to direct the build-up as their optimum strategy is chosen towards triumph.  

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