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Best Email Signature Examples For Any Profession

Email marketing has always been a reliable source of gaining leads and prospects. But, it is not easy to keep your email stand out in the recipient inbox. Now, that’s where the email signature comes into the picture. Since email is used in marketing for decades and has been effective as well. That’s the reason why companies are still preferring to use the platform. You can add more value to a marketing campaign with a reliable email signature

When it comes to grabbing the recipient’s attention, there are numerous ways to achieve the same. It can be attractive subject lines, creative headers, compelling opening remarks, etc. However, an email signature is one such element that is often ignored or underrated. This write-up is showcasing the power of the right signature along with the 10 best email signature samples. You can consider them to apply in your emails or get inspiration from them to create your compelling signature. 

Trending Email Signature Examples Making Maximum Impact

You must be wrong if you’re assuming the email signature as just merely putting your name or basic information. A potent signature is going to do a lot more for your personal or business branding irrespective of the niche. Yes, the email signature serves as a prime resource of contact information to the recipient but can be a much more effective marketing tool as well. 

Whatever is your business goal, a creative signature can help in building a brand to generate new leads/sales. There are various potent email signature generator available that can provide the most seamless and affordable email signature serving multiple purposes.  

1.) “Keeping It Simple” Email Signature

Try to limit your email signature to a maximum of three or four text lines. Avoid overthinking and overusing as you only need to use – 

  • Your Name
  • Title (Not required)
  • Company (website link)
  • Phone number

Seems easy, right? It is one of the simplest email signature that work in maximum cases. You can start with the regular format and keep personalizing the same with new elements from time to time. 

2.) Branded Email Signature With Simplicity

It is one of another type of straightforward signature example to present your brand perfectly. You can easily customize the email signature to suit your brand identity and value. However, creating such an email signature is quite handy, but you can also seek the assistance of a signature generator

Here are some of the elements to add a branded signature – 

  • Name | Position
  • Contact Information
  • Company Logo

3.) Straightforward Signature Example

It is much similar to the first one in a manner. It is a simplified email signature example for professionals who wish to keep the data clear. There are various examples of professional email signatures, while you can create the best one with the below elements: 

  • Name
  • Position | Company Name
  • Phone
  • Website

You can also choose to add a Company logo, contact information along social media links. 

4.) Social Account Profiles Based Signature

It can be the right email signature to show off the professional brand. The sales representative can include their social media profiles including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc. Job seekers can find the right audience and reach on Twitter. 

With this signature type, the person can easily connect with the social channels to assist the sales candidates. Hence, you can naturally add social accounts to gain reliable prospects. Here is the social channels based signature: 

  • Company Logo | Name
  • Position, Company
  • Business Phone Number
  • Social media icons

5.) Innovative Content Signature Showing Your Expertise

Do you have a rare product that needs marketing? While other ways of promotion must already be in place to achieve your marketing goals, add an email signature to the list. Make sure to include the product details and demo in the email signature to gain quick engagement. Here are the right set of the element to frame such signature-

  • Name
  • Expertise
  • Content

6.) Signature With Complete Contact Details

This email signature comes loaded with huge contact information and social links. In case you have a lot of contact information including multiple social networks, this email signature is surely for you. Here is the simple and effective template style for this email signature: 

  • Name
  • Expertise
  • Phone
  • Mobile
  • Website
  • Email
  • Address

7.) Clear And Effective CTA (Call-To-Action) Based Signature

CTA prompts the email recipient to take the required action like scheduling a demo, attending a webinar/seminar, getting sales, etc. Having an email signature that can encourage people to visit a website or contact is the best form to generate leads and engagement. Here is a template for such signature, however, you may also seek the help of an email signature generator to create something like that: 

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • Address
  • Call-To-Action

With CTAs in your email signature, you get the option to implement effective tracking measurements for their working and effectiveness. It can be the lead magnet to find out how the leads are responding to the same. One other benefit of this sign is that you can avoid numerous pages or contact links, instead choose the one that can offer the maximum information to the user. Adding multiple links in the email signature is also going to make the access tougher for the mobile audience. 

8.) Visuals Based Signature To Gain More Engagement 

It is common psychology that people remember visuals rather than reading the text. Hence, you can add a creative image that can make your signature more memorable. However, you should be more careful while choosing the image and can even seek the help of an email signature generator. Opt for the images having actual people rather than vectors and go for the creative colors as well. Avoid using the black and white color images in the email signature. The right tip is to use your face on your name to stay ahead of the competitors. Here is the creative template for your reference: 

  • Image | Your Name | Position 
  • Company Name
  • Phone Number 
  • Website 
  • CTA
  • Social Networks

9.) Contact Information Signature With Company Address

Some of the professionals can add their company address along with contact info or CTA button. It can be an effective means to generate the best email signature for individuals. Here is a template example for the same: 

  • Name
  • Position
  • Company
  • Email
  • Phone/ Website
  • Company Address

10.) Try Using “Sent from my iPhone” In Signature

As per researchers, a lot of email signatures are making the maximum engagement with the use of “Sent from my iPhone”. However, it is surprisingly rare to add such a thing in email, but it turns out to be a great help in improving your image. Along with email signatures, your grammar, spelling, and punctuation should be authentic to the maximum credibility irrespective of whether they’re writing from the phone or computer. 

Even certain studies predict that the people using this sloppy email are getting much higher credibility than others. 

Bottom Line

Choosing the right email signature is important and hence you need to be very sure before finalizing one. Follow the above-listed approaches or create the one as per your idea and thought process. You must be keeping that email signature that can bring results for you. It might be a simple “Sent from my iPhone” or the one having a CTA and image. We recommend taking the help of an email signature generator tool from Designhill to get the most effective email signature with minimal effort and research.