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Winter Activities You’ve Probably Never Tried Before

Image from Unsplash

Just because it’s cold and brisk outside doesn’t mean that you have to spend the winter season in hibernation. In fact, this time of year can be a blast when you engage in some wintertime fun and experience the fresh, clean air and snow around you. The cool thing is that you have plenty of fantastic options that you’ve probably thought about but haven’t tried yet. Outdoor enthusiasts are sharing their recommendations.

Ice Fishing

This one can become a favorite outdoor winter activity with friends and family while sharing some icy “real estate” on a frozen lake. There are groups and clubs that enjoy ice fishing together, and this is the best way to begin.

You aren’t going to be casting for this recreation. Ice fishing starts with cutting a hole with a power auger. Then, you’ll be using a rod for vertical jigging or a trap for landing the big fish ready to take the bait.

Winter angling has become a very popular activity these days, but safety is always the priority, and that means visiting a lake with ice that is at least five inches thick.

Ice Sculpting

You don’t have to have the talents of Picasso to create something beautiful out of a block of ice. You can take lessons to learn about this fine outdoor art and begin sculpting your own frozen masterpieces.

Ice sculpting or ice carving is a wonderful activity for older children and adults, and there are workshops located nearby to show you how to use a variety of chisels and hand tools to bring your artistic vision to life in a 3-D crystal clear form.


Talk about breathtaking scenery in the wilderness! You cannot beat the thrill of snowmobiling across a fresh trail deep in the woods in the fresh mountain air. This is a classic wintertime favorite activity, and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

Snowmobiling is a blast, and there are more than 3,000 clubs worldwide engaged in the sport. You can easily find used snowmobiles for sale to get in on this invigorating recreation. It’s a superb activity and ideal for releasing stress and enjoying the great outdoors.


You may have seen folks doing this in movies or on television, but snowshoeing can be done by people of all ages and abilities. Learning to walk in snowshoes takes a bit of practice, but it’s excellent for burning calories and moving the body. Some beginners learn how to snowshoe on golf courses or at ski resorts or in parks, etc.

When you snowshoe, the technique is different from hiking or even just walking because the gear requires more effort to walk as you keep on top of the snow.

The experts say that about eight inches of powdery snow are needed for snowshoeing, and don’t forget a pair of trekking poles, which will make your trip a lot easier to accomplish.


Here is another fab winter activity to try as long as you’re bundled up for the frosty air. Snowkiting is an awesome recreation that involves flying a kite with your skis or snowboard on. Fans of the sport say that snowkiting is like having your very own ski lift to get run after run.

There are a number of ski resorts that offer snowkiting lessons. Also, most snowkiting in New England occurs on frozen lakes because these offer open areas with spectacular, smooth winds and picturesque views.

From children to mature adults, anyone can learn the sport and glide across the snow for an amazing adventure.

Ice Biking

This one’s an alternative to ice skating and a lot of fun to do solo or with the entire family. Ice biking is all the rage in Canada, and it’s easy to see why.

Single-speed ice bikes made for the ice are easy to ride with the front wheel replaced by skates. All you have to do is hop on, pedal, and steer.


Nature offers much beauty to the world, and the winter season makes the backdrop even more stunning. Get outside for adventure, and try one of these exhilarating activities. You will not miss your couch.