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Gracias Luna Red Cross volunteers who comforted an immigrant in Ceuta

The arrival of immigrants to Ceuta has left images of the human drama that are hardly indifferent. Among them, that of the Civil Guard saving a baby from drowning in the sea and that of a young Red Cross volunteer hugging a heartbroken young man after crossing the border crossing.

If the first has received widespread applause , the second has provoked racist and xenophobic threats and insults , which has led women to restrict access to their social networks. In parallel, against this hatred, an avalanche of support led, how could it be otherwise, by the humanitarian organization itself.

Luna, a 20-year-old from Mostole who is studying a Degree in Social Integration and is on an internship in Ceuta, acknowledged on the SER channel that she felt very overwhelmed.

“It is being a very hard experience,” he explained about the immigration situation. Likewise, through a video posted on his Twitter account, he acknowledged: “I don’t believe in any God, but I’m sure that if I lived through the situations these people have experienced, I would.” On TVE, he downplayed his gesture: “I just gave him a hug .

” After this support, he does not want to attend the media because he considers that “giving a hug to someone who asks for help is the most normal thing in the world.”

Before the voices that have insulted her, many more, anonymous and public, fight this hatred on the networks by showing their support for the young woman under the ‘hashtag’ #GraciasLuna .

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