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Young People From All Over Spain Come Together In Dual Vocational Week

Thousands of young people from all over Spain will participate between November 15 and 19 in the FP Dual Week, which has been organized by the network of ambassadors Somos FP Dual with the support of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, the network of chambers of territorial commerce, the Bertelsmann Foundation and Lidl Spain and that will consist of 45 events in institutes and educational centers of Madrid, Navarra, Seville, Malaga, Córdoba and Tarragona.

In addition, the organizers will celebrate a central event that will take place on Wednesday, November 17 at 6:00 p.m. in the Bertelsmann Space in Madrid (Calle de O’Donnell, 10) with the aim of asking that the Student’s Day, which every year be celebrated internationally on November 17, also be proclaimed the Apprentice’s Day.

The event, which can be followed online here, will feature the participation of Salvador Lorenzo, Repsol’s manager of diversity and inclusion, who will offer an inspiring talk about FP Dual, decision-making, future and commitment. In addition, several FP Dual students and graduates, as well as the parents of some of them and a company tutor, will share their experience and delve into the change in mentality that is taking place in society around this type of study. .

With a labor insertion close to 70% and even close to 100% in sectors related to digitization, Dual VET is today one of the best options for young people to get a job . However, these studies are still little known in Spain: only 4% of VET students do so in the Dual modality, that is, combining from the first moment the learning within the educational center with that acquired by working in a school. company.

“The objective we seek with the celebration of the Dual VET Week and the organization of all these events both at a general and local level is to make this training modality known to the greatest number of young people at a time of growing interest in VET” , explains Lorena Castellano, FP Dual graduate and technical secretary of the Somos FP Dual network.

Experts from different fields agree that Dual Vocational Training is one of the modalities that opens the most doors for young people when it comes to finding work, which is why it is considered one of the best solutions to reduce the high rates of youth unemployment. This system, which involves students, educational centers and companies, has shown significant success rates since its inception, ensuring that its graduates are better prepared for the real needs of the market. The student, in fact, feels part of a team, acquires knowledge of different positions within the company and even has the opportunity, after completing their studies, to be hired in the same company in which they have been trained.

In recent years, many companies have decided to join Dual Vocational Training , after verifying that this type of study allows them to have direct contact with a pool of young professionals, who are better adapted to their jobs than those that come from. of other training itineraries.

In fact, the Draft Law on Vocational Training that the Council of Ministers approved last September points in this direction, since it contemplates that, from now on, all VET is dual, that is, that it guarantees that all Students have the possibility of carrying out a training and internship period in the company that ranges from a minimum of 25% to a maximum of 50%, which is the percentage currently proposed by the dual modality.