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The Community Allocates 6.3 Million To Build A New Institute In Madrid

The Community of Madrid will allocate more than 6.3 million euros in the construction of a new institute in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca, in the capital, according to its spokesman, Enrique Ossorio, who noted that the Governing Council approved Today the contracting of these works will entail the creation of a total of 380 public school places , of which 240 will be for Compulsory Secondary Education and 140 for Baccalaureate .

The public educational infrastructure will be completed throughout the 2022/23 academic year and will respond to the schooling needs of the area. The center, which will be named after the writer Anne Frank, will have several spaces. It will have a common services block, where the secretary, cafeteria, offices and teachers’ rooms will be located.

The eight Secondary classrooms will be located in a second building , three specific (computer science, laboratory and technology workshop); a multipurpose music, dramatization and audio; another for plastic and visual arts, five seminars, two split-level classrooms , two more support rooms, and toilets.

Another third building will house the four high school classrooms , three specific (computer science, chemistry and natural sciences laboratory and drawing), two unfolding, two supporting and the corresponding bathrooms. And to all these constructions will be added the patios and a sports court.

With this action, said Ossorio, the regional government continues to improve public educational infrastructures in the region, ensuring the freedom of choice of center for families in Madrid.

This is demonstrated by the fact that the record number of 95.8% of them who have obtained a place in the school chosen as the first option to educate their children this year has been reached , concluded Ossorio.