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Seven Products That Have Disappeared From Mercadona In Recent Days

Always with a clear development of its product catalog, there are Mercadona articles that appear and disappear as the chain notices its adaptation among customers . This is what has happened with up to seven products that in recent days several users of Juan Roig supermarkets have detected that they have left their shelves.

At the end of last year, Mercadona undertook to improve the quality of its products . A clear commitment to continue giving the best to its customers, while their pockets are not affected, which has led to new articles and changes in some recipes.

A strategy that also involves the exit of other products. For various reasons , in most cases never disclosed by the Valencian chain, Mercadona usually takes note of whether any user regrets their loss.

Through their social networks, one of the great channels of supermarkets to be in constant contact with their consumers, since the beginning of November, up to seven products have been warned that they are no longer on the shelves both physically and online .

From snacks to facial creams, through chocolate or cat litter, some of them the company has warned that sooner or later they will return to the catalog for the taste of its customers.

  • Chicken escalopes . From the Fresno brand, this frozen product could easily be made in the skillet or baked with a barbecue flavor. Its price was 1.80 euros for a package of 15 units.
  • White chocolate saloons . A classic donut but without a hole, this bun that was in the bakery section was only worth 1 euro.
  • Aros Colors Fruit Cereals . Also with the Hacendado seal, these cereals were designed for the breakfast of the smallest of the house and cost about 2 euros for a 500-gram package.
  • PopCorn popcorn with salt . Under the signature of Hacendado, the 80-gram package this ready-made snack cost about 1 euro.
  • Easy lifting effect cream EPS30 . From Deliplus, Mercadona’s white label in personal care, this cream restored the firmness and elasticity of the skin in a simple 50-milliliter bottle.
  • Spelled wheat drink . Under the Hacendado label, this drink was without added sugar and cost 1.75 per 1-liter brick.
  • Silica litter for cats . Of the Single brand, the one devised by the Valencian chain in pet products, through its social networks it has been reported that during December it will be available again.