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Flight EX16 to Angola Have Cancelled Due to Corona

As we can see recent flight to Angola EX16 have been cancelled due to rise in corona cases corona number of coronavirus cases continues to rise, and many airlines are canceling their flights. Meanwhile, measures to contain the spread of the virus are affecting air traffic in Europe and other parts of the world.

Certain countries have imposed entry restrictions and others have even closed their borders completely. All this anticipates a drastic reduction in the number of flights and, consequently, raises many questions.

What are my rights? As an air passenger of flight EX16, can I receive compensation for the cancellation of a flight due to the coronavirus crisis? Our team will briefly and clearly explain your rights in case your flight has been canceled due to covid-19. Although the situation changes practically daily.

As with any flight cancellation, the Angola airline is obliged to reimburse you for the ticket price or to offer you an alternative flight, regardless of whether you are also entitled to compensation under the EU Passenger Rights Regulation. This means that, even if you are not entitled to compensation, you will receive a replacement flight or the amount of your ticket. How do you know if you are also entitled to compensation? Flightright checks for you whether or not the coronavirus is the real reason for the cancellation of EX16 flight.

According to Regulation 261/2004 of the European Union on the rights of air passengers, there is an exceptional circumstance if the reason for the delay or cancellation is beyond the control of the airline. Airlines have no control over the coronavirus pandemic, many of them have canceled their flights to certain areas due to an official travel warning. The health of employees and passengers is, of course, paramount. Flights to these high-risk areas that have been canceled do not imply the right to compensation.

If a EX16 flight is canceled due to border closures as a result of the Crown crisis, it is also an exceptional circumstance.

In times of coronavirus: when am I entitled to compensation if my flight is canceled?
Based on our current assessment, under certain circumstances a claim for compensation for a flight cancellation related to the coronavirus situation may be justified. Claims for compensation in the event of cancellation may be filed in the following cases:

If the airline informs you in the cases described less than 14 days before the scheduled departure, you may be entitled to compensation under EU passenger law. However, if the airline announces the flight cancellation more than 14 days in advance, you are not entitled to compensation.

Many EX16 airlines allude to extraordinary circumstances to justify the cancellation of flights. But this is not always the case. The fact that the demand has drastically decreased due to the appearance of the coronavirus and that, consequently, flights that were not fully full have been canceled, implies that economic circumstances are causing this cancellation, which could justify the obligation to compensate .

Our experts closely monitor the evolution of the situation and assess the legal situation of travelers on a daily basis. We will be happy to check your flight and its circumstances that may postponed Angola flight.

Air traffic is already severely restricted. People who no longer wish to fly and wish to postpone or cancel their trip can contact the airline as a precaution. The total reimbursement of the ticket expenses depends on the airline and the circumstances of each case. However, many airlines offer goodwill agreements for cancellations.

Our recommendation is to avoid unnecessary air travel and to preserve general hygiene regulations. Stay informed on current news and travel advisories. You will find detailed information on the website of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare.

Many countries inside and outside Europe have already started to close their borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, other countries are expected to follow this trend. If a flight is canceled due to border closures or an entry restriction, travelers are not entitled to compensation, as this is an extraordinary circumstance. Passengers can request a refund of the price of their tickets or change the date or destination of their flight.

What can I do if I am stuck at my vacation destination because my return flight is canceled due to coronavirus?
In general, passengers have a transport contract with the airline or tourist agency. This means that they are entitled to a replacement flight or a new reservation to return home.

If the return flight is canceled, passengers should contact the tourist agency or airline directly for alternative transportation. If there are no prospects for replacement transport soon or if departure is not possible due to border closure, passengers can contact the Spanish consulate at the destination. In the extreme case, it is to be expected that the Spanish government will organize an orderly return trip to Spain.

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