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Will There Be A Food Shortage In Spain

“There is no possibility that there will be a shortage of supermarkets in Spain. Not even with the hoarding that occurred in March 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic did something like this happen.” All the great managers of the distribution sector in our country agree on the same idea.

Despite the image of empty stores in the United Kingdom, with the first problems already on the other side of the Atlantic, especially in the United States, and just when China has just asked its citizens to stock up , the supermarket chains insist that the risk in the Spanish market seems, for the moment, nil.

“In Spain, the supply chain has worked perfectly even in the worst moments. There have been no stock breaks throughout the pandemic and we do not expect it to happen now”, recently summarized Ignacio González, the president of Aecoc, the organization of manufacturers and distributors that includes more than 30,000 companies. But the problem is not trade, but the food industry, which is already warning that the chain is “very stressed . “

And if there is a shortage of raw materials or packaging, that can end up being transferred to the consumer, with which manufacturers begin to prepare contingency plans. On October 19, Danone was one of the first to raise the alarm.

“What started with an increase in the price of raw materials has been aggravated by the general restrictions that affected our supply chain in many parts of the world,” said the yogurt giant’s CFO Juergen Essen during the results presentation.

Along the same lines, the Federation of Food and Beverage Industries has warned of “the seriousness of the situation” caused not only by the inflationary increase in energy costs, raw and auxiliary materials, but also by “supply difficulties, which together they pose a serious threat to companies and employment in the sector, which are still in the process of recovering from the crisis caused by the pandemic. “

“I never imagined that we would be in this situation talking about problems in the supply chain, but it is a reality”Vivek Sankaran, CEO of Albertsons, a supermarket chain in the US, recently explained to Bloomberg.” Any given day there will be a shortage of products in our stores, “it is not an isolated complaint in the sector. It is a generalized sentiment that affects to various countries. “We are seeing extraordinary scenes.

In some supermarkets you used to see fresh seasonal food. Now you see great deodorant displays. It’s not that the nation has suddenly started to smell bad, it’s that it’s the only thing they have in sufficient quantities, so they put it on the shelves to make them appear full, “the president of the Food Federation said a few days ago. and UK Drinks, Ian Wright.

Whether or not it happens in Spain, what is a reality, for now, is the rise in prices . And it is that, although there are no stock outs, the cost of raw materials is skyrocketing and the price of food will continue to rise. In fact, companies such as Kraf, Nestlé, Danone or the Spanish Ebro Foods, owner of the SOS rice brand, have already announced that they will have to do so in the face of “unstoppable cost inflation,” according to the latter company.