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Popular Presenter Jovita Moore Dies At 54

The American journalist Jovita Moore died this Thursday night at the age of 54 after a seven-month battle against a very aggressive brain cancer that was diagnosed seven months earlier, the channel of the city of Atlanta, Georgia (USA) reported. UU), WSB-TV through a statement.

Moore, presenter of the news program of Channel 2 of the medium since 2012, underwent surgery to remove two tumors that doctors had discovered and after the operation they diagnosed a glioblastoma , for which there are only medications that slow it down since currently there are no has a cure.

Presenter Jovita Moore in a file image.Presenter Jovita Moore in a file image.WSB-TV
The New Yorker began her professional career in 1990 with an internship at The New York Times and later went through the sets of WMC-TV in Memphis and KFSM in Arkansas, until she arrived on WSB-TV in 1998. The presenter tells in her have with a total of nine Emmy Awards for his journalistic work.

She was a graduate of Humanudades from Bennington College in the state of Vermont and had a master’s degree in audiovisual journalism from the Columbia University School of Journalism, in her home state.

Her chain wanted to stand out to remind her that she was a good person concerned about different types of charitable causes and that “she dedicated countless hours to associations and non-profit organizations” in Atlanta. In addition, Moore was a member of the Atlanta Association for Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists.