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We Must Recognize Private Efforts Such As That Of Amancio Ortega

When you ask him point-blank if the government will finally accept Bildu’s support for the budgets in exchange for releasing two hundred ETA prisoners, as Otegi has said, he describes it as disgusting that Sánchez even listens to that request. And he adds, without further ado , that “there will be release as payment to carry out the next general state budgets.”

Javier Maroto (Vitoria, 1972) is a kind and educated man, who lives up to his profession as an economist, graduated from Deusto, giving his arguments a millimeter precision, as if wanting to avoid loose ends. During the interview there is no stitch without thread.

There is no unanswered question and he is only especially cautious when the journalist insists on putting names on the table for the renewal of institutional bodies, including the next ombudsman Ángel Gabilondo. “That is a decision that I do not know, it does not correspond to me and therefore I prefer not to pronounce myself on specific names,” he says.

He is the face and the voice of the PP in the Senate, its spokesman in the upper house and during these days he has a frenzied activity coinciding with the 10th anniversary of the end of ETA, due to his dual status as Basque and former mayor of Vitoria, He says of stark way that Pedro Sánchez “has paid everything that the enemies of Spain have asked of him in order to remain in government”

He affirms that the general budgets are cooked with lies , and insists that the price of electricity is the last straw the glass of the patience of the Spaniards. In tax matters he is clear “I give my condolences to the Spaniards who live in the communities governed by the PSOE because they are going to have a real smack in taxes as unfair as that of inheritance” sentences

When 10 years have passed since the end of ETA, is the battle of the story being won by the executioners and not the victims?

It is up to the Democrats whether the victims or the executioners win it. The most important thing is that no young person of the next generations is left believing that what happened was something other than that a terrorist gang murdered 900 people, attacked freedom and the rule of law and sowed Spain with blood and pain. The story is important so that mistakes in the story cannot be repeated.

Is there justice, memory and dignity, as the victims requested? Or does Bildu support the Government leave wounds?

Sánchez has put his personal stability before preserving the justice, memory and dignity that the victims ask for. Otegi has said that his goal remains to weaken the state. Having Spain’s worst enemy as an ally is a problem, not only for Sánchez, but for all Spaniards. It produces quite a bit of intellectual disgust for the Democrats.

What Otegi says is that, if the price to free 200 ETA prisoners is to support Sánchez’s budgets, they will do it …

The disgusting thing is not that Otegi says that and shows himself as he is, but that Sánchez studies that request. To be on your knees before Bildu to stay in Moncloa is unworthy of any ruler and of any consolidated democracy. Pedro Sánchez is the most extreme Prime Minister in all of Europe. The only one that has communists in its government and pacts with ERC or BILDU. He is not moderate, nor is he a social democrat, no matter how much he wore that suit at the last congress of his party. His actions distance him more and more from social democracy and he has nothing to do with center or moderation.

“Sánchez will pay the political price that Otegi asks for to carry out the Budgets”

So, you take it for granted that before Christmas there will be ETA in exchange for supporting the budgets …

If there will be release for budgets. I have no doubt that Pedro Sánchez will pay the political price that Otegi asks of him to carry out the General State Budgets. There will be release as payment for obtaining the PGE. Sánchez has paid everything that the enemies of Spain have asked of him in order to remain in government, and he will do it again.

He promised that in no case would he release the 1-O coup plotters and he has done so. They already have their price paid. Minister Marlaska has been bringing ETA prisoners closer to the dictates of Otegi, and he does not care that his political image has been on the ground. Sánchez pays the political price that Otegi demands of him every time he needs his votes.

But everyone is going to be vigilant and it would be very dirty if the General Budgets were contaminated with this matter …

What is dirty and contaminated is the Government, because it has crossed an intolerable red line, which is ethics, dignity, decency and democracy. Sánchez is a compulsive liar, he said that he would never agree to a government with Podemos, and he lied. He said he would never pardon the 1-O coup plotters, and he lied. And with the ETA prisoners he will do it again.

You said you also lie about budgets, why?

These Budgets are cooked with lies. They are raising taxes on Spaniards again, and that is one of Sánchez’s promises that he has also broken. With the problem of light he has looked the other way, and has not wanted to fix it with the new budgets, which he could have done.

First, with its measures, it has tried to charge the electricity companies with the extra costs and a month later the price continues to rise. The electricity surcharge has been transferred to companies and there are more than 20,000 jobs at stake. Sánchez’s proposals to contain the price have been a fiasco and the budgets are the key to solve the problem of electricity.

“These Budgets are cooked with lies and they raise taxes again”

And what is the alternative of the PP to stop this issue with the budgets?

We are in an exceptional moment, and while it lasts, everything that is paid in the electricity bill that is not real consumption costs can be financed from the PGE, such as education, roads, etc. This would mean an immediate reduction of between 20 and 30% of the electricity bill for all Spaniards, and would be an oxygen balloon for thousands of SMEs and self-employed, who are asphyxiated and cannot continue.

The only real recipe that works is to make an effort with budgets. The president of the government said that he was not going to leave anyone behind, and after presenting those budgets, it must be summed up that what he has not left is anyone standing.

Could the price of the electricity bill be your Achilles heel, making the government fall?

The price of electricity is not the Achilles heel, it is the last straw for Spanish patience, because it is an accumulation of nonsense, lies and inefficiencies of the Government. The president lay in the sun for three weeks, while the electricity crisis was brewing and he was forced to put down his flip-flops to impose a historic measure on a council of ministers that, a month later, is a resounding failure.

“The price of light is not the ‘Achilles heel’, it is the last straw for patience”

Hey, if you govern, the model of your party in tax matters is that of the PP in Madrid with respect to inheritance, donations, patrimony, etc.?

Sánchez has fiscally separated Spain in two, and that is why I want to show my condolences to all Spaniards who live in communities governed by the PSOE, because they are going to have a blow in the wealth tax, every time they buy or sell something, or there is a swap in successions.

All the autonomous communities of the PP have the 99% subsidized tax and this includes Galicia, Murcia, the Community of Madrid, Castilla y León, and Andalusia. The inheritance tax is totally unfair, it is a double taxation and a completely acronic thing that must be replaced. As for the economic recipe of the PP in tax matters, it is that by lowering taxes the State can, with a good economic policy, collect more, and that model, which the PP will implement when Pablo Casado arrives at Moncloa.

“The Inheritance Tax is anachronistic and totally unfair, it must be replaced”

According to the polls, if there were elections today, you would win, but you would need Vox. Isn’t that traveling companion the same as the one the PSOE has had with Podemos?

We aspire for there to be a solid majority of the PP, because the next government of Spain is going to have to amend all of Sánchez’s mess. We need a strong government that looks nothing like the one that the PSOE has created in the minority. We worked in a scenario of 176 deputies, and we think that if the center-right votes divided, Sánchez will stay. The safe alternative for Sánchez to go home as soon as possible is for the PP to obtain 176 deputies. That is our goal. The only formula for Sánchez to leave Moncloa is to concentrate the center-right vote in the PP.

Hey, do you rule out being on the side of the PNV, which is increasingly distant from the government in matters such as electricity?

We are looking for a government that has a very solid parliamentary support of 176 deputies. The country is not there to have a weak, minority government. So neither with one nor the other. We aspire to be able to develop our electoral program with the majority confidence of the Spanish. There has to be an electoral turnaround in Spain that allows this reformist program to be put into practice.

Well, do not launch the bells on the fly, because European funds can be a very powerful electoral weapon in the hands of Pedro Sánchez, right?

He may want to use them as an electoral weapon but European funds can be a huge opportunity to rehabilitate the country and make its economy much more productive and oriented towards digitization, which is a necessary one, not only for rural Spain but for everything. the country. While in other European countries these funds are already serving to be more competitive, Spain is in absolute opacity and we do not even want to know the distribution criteria that the government has.

Of course, what we know is how it has distributed the money with the airline Plus Ultra, an example of opaque, inexplicable and inefficient fund management. If the European funds are going to be distributed as Plus Ultra has been distributed, it is to tremble.

What do you think about the idea of ​​the government creating public pension funds to compete with private plans?

The PP is a party that believes in freedom in every sense, and also in the freedom of choice by citizens on how they want to guarantee their pensions, whether with public or private plans. The most important thing in terms of pensions is to have a government that favors economic growth so that it guarantees the pensions of the future.

The PSOE is the only party in Spain that has dared to freeze pensions and did so when Pedro Sánchez was a deputy. Destroying the economy as they are doing is not the best way to guarantee the future of pensioners.

“The PSOE is the only party in Spain that has dared to freeze pensions”

And is there the risk that a public pension fund will compete with the private offer and expel it from the market, as the sector fears?

It is not about choosing between one model or the other, but about allowing each one to choose the most reasonable option. But the government’s obligation is not to create a public fund to expel private funds, it is not to substitute one model for another, but to pay for and guarantee the pensions of the future. And that they are not doing.

Looking at your party, did the Valencia congress end the real or fictitious war between Isabel Ayuso and Pablo Casado?

That of the war is a myth. The relationship between Casado and Ayuso has always been good, and, in fact, both the election of the president of Madrid and the mayor, were Pablo Casado’s personal decisions. This matter was settled in Valencia, where Isabel Díaz Ayuso made it clear that her place is in Madrid, and that she will support Casado, like all of us because it is the only way to save Spain. The only way that Spaniards can have a job is for Sánchez to lose his, and the only way for that to happen is for the next president to be named Pablo Casado as soon as possible.

What do you think of the contempt of Congress sponsored by the majority group of the PSOE and Podemos to the sentence that disqualifies Deputy Alberto Rodríguez?

The PSOE has shown that it is capable of twisting even the laws in order to get away with it and keep its partners happy. It has been able to twist judicial decisions and pardon the coup plotters and now they are trying to skip it, keeping a person firmly convicted of criminal law as a deputy. Ignoring that disqualification is one more step in a drift that reeks of absolutism.

Listen, and will there finally be a renewal of the CGPJ once they have agreed on the one of the ombudsman, the Court of Accounts and other institutional bodies?

If the political parties do not choose their leaders by hand, but through primaries, if the workers choose their union representatives in the elections, why can’t the judges democratically choose their representatives in the CGPJ? The judges must choose their bodies, and that was not invented by Casado.

All the associations of judges, including the most progressive, have signed an agreement in this regard, the European Commissioner of Justice himself has asked the Government of Spain to stop being so outdated in the criteria for the election of government bodies, so the only one who has been left behind and maintains an old criterion is Sánchez. The day he wakes up, he will realize that he also has to modernize in this matter, and there will be a renewal of the CGPJ as there will be in the rest of the institutional bodies.

“We must recognize the efforts of private initiative in cases like Amancio Ortega’s”

What has changed is the government’s criteria regarding donations of medical supplies, which Pablo Iglesias called “alms” and now they accept as their own

What the Amancio Ortega Foundation does is an example of public-private collaboration and the involvement of the business community that makes our country better. Pablo Iglesias was never a benchmark of coherence. Not only has his ponytail been cut, credibility was cut a long time ago, when he did the opposite of what he proclaimed in speeches by way of facts.

Pablo Iglesias where he is best is outside the government. It seems to me that the effort of private initiative in cases like this must be recognized because they are fundamental. They are an example of solidarity, commitment and corporate social responsibility and they are also an example for some who have not finished growing the 2030 agenda.