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Recommendations For Tourism That UK Imposes On Spain In Its New Traffic Light

What are the recommendations for tourism that the United Kingdom imposes on Spain in its new covid traffic light?

The British Government has decided to keep the recommendation in force against tourist trips to Spain and any traveler returning from this country must quarantine in accommodation at their discretion , as it has made known during the presentation of the ” traffic light protocol ” for combat the spread of imported COVID-19 cases on British soil.

The Local Police of Granada carries out traffic controls at the accesses of the city due to the perimeter closure established due to the increase in people infected by coronavirus in the capital and its metropolitan area.

The alarm goes off and chaos begins: What restrictions are there? Who decides? Which ones are in the air?
Spain is on the so-called “amber list” which implies that, in principle, whoever returns to the United Kingdom from the country must undergo a coronavirus test before returning , and on the return spend ten days in quarantine, but will not be obliged to do it in hotels, but you can do it at home.

Likewise, travelers will be given the option of taking, on the second or eighth day of quarantine, a test that would allow them to leave isolation early. However, the British Government has asked tourists “not to travel to the countries or territories on the ‘amber list’ for leisure reasons,” according to a statement posted on the British Government’s website.

The list will be reviewed every three weeks
Along with Spain, Italy , Greece , France or the United States form part of this list , as confirmed this Friday at a press conference by the British Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, collected by the BBC chain.

The minister, however, wanted to specify that the list will be reviewed every three weeks and hopes that, as the summer progresses, conditions will be eliminated for the more “traditional” tourist destinations from the list.

This Sunday, May 9, the state of alarm ends, which is causing the majority of perimeter closures between CCAA to decline. All this is causing a ‘boom’ in hotel reservations in Spain, especially in coastal areas and in the Balearic and Canary Islands. Not surprisingly, thousands of Spaniards yearn to be able to travel and disconnect from the routine marked by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Balearic Islands regret that the national incidence penalizes them at the United Kingdom’s covid-19 traffic light
Portugal, Gibraltar or Israel will be part of the 12 territories that will make up the “green” list as of May 17, so travelers who will have to undergo a test prior to travel and another later -on the first or second day – but they should not be quarantined nor are more tests required to prove that the person is not a carrier of SARS-CoV-2.

Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Iceland or the Falklands are also part of this list of restrictions to a minimum.

Turkey, host of the Champions League final, on the “red list”
However, the United Kingdom has introduced Turkey into the so-called “red list”, which includes the territories in which British travelers must keep the ten-day quarantine, mandatory in a hotel, and undergo a total of three tests , one before the trip and another two on the second and eighth days after arriving in the UK.

Besides Turkey, other countries included in this list are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, South Africa or Venezuela.

Given that Istanbul is the venue for the final of the Football Champions League, which will face two English teams , Chelsea and Manchester City, Shapps has offered on behalf of the Government the possibility of hosting the match on British soil.

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