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Carmona Has Been Out Of Politics For Years And Dedicated To Teaching

Antonio Miguel Carmona just signed by Iberdrola , the electricity company that commands Sánchez Galán, and immediately podemitas and some sanchistas have begun to kick denouncing the use of what they call “revolving door”. Also El País (which has not said a word about the huge number of unintelligible appointments in public companies) has “opened the debate” about the signing of Carmona.

Within the sanchismo , the most virulent has been Odón Elorza – who if he arrives in the world more foolish is that he is not born – and Echenique, from Podemos, and Miguel Ángel Revilla have also screwed up, who does not know if Carmona “understands the receipt of the light”.

The report on Sunday, October 10 – and not by chance – El País illustrates this with a photograph in which Carmona and Esperanza Aguirre appear together. It reads: “The decision opens several debates. To what extent is the leap from public to private? What are companies looking for when they sign visible faces of politics? Is anyone prepared to be a manager in such a sector? complex like the electrical one by the mere fact of having gone through the Administration? “

And I wonder: what debates are those? Because Carmona has been out of politics for years and is dedicated to his work as a professor at the CEU, where both the students and the directors of that university appreciate him , and very much. Why this aggressiveness? I think I have an explanation. Recall that Carmona supported the PSOE of Madrid with a significant number of councilors . He resigned as mayor and two months later Pedro Sánchez achieved the worst result in its history in the city .

And let’s not say Pepu Hernández , who definitively sank the game four years later. Sánchez did not allow the PSOE to govern with Carmena and did so with the sole purpose of preventing Carmona from entering the municipal government and making the socialist municipal group support all the initiatives (even the most crazed) of the Carmena group, made up in good partly by ignorant and sectarian leftists.

Carmona is the highest-rated socialist leader from Madrid in the polls and has won all the primaries he has run for . In fact, after winning the senatorial primaries, Sánchez decided not to respect the decision of the militants and after offering him a position, which Carmona rejected, removing him from the Senate list.

But not everyone signs up to this sanchista sectarianism . For example, Jaime Bonals, CEO of one of the main talent scouting firms, believes that Spain is a country with very little culture of acceptance of these professional exchanges. “Here the return to the private sector from the public is misinterpreted by the use of contacts,” he estimates. In general, Bonals sees the flow of talent in both directions as positive.

Be that as it may, I will add two notes: 1) Carmona does not have a villa in Galapagar; 2) the legal norm that the Government prepares to control the price of electricity can clearly be improved and if Carmona helps with that improvement, welcome.

To finish, I will reproduce the words with which Pérez Reverte -according to Raúl del Pozo- defined Sánchez : “He is a killer, unscrupulous, bad, cool, arrogant, cynical.”