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Tile Renews Its Locators With Many New Features To Face Apple’s AirTags

Tile, one of the references in trackers and locators, has renewed its entire range of devices, and it is no coincidence that it has done so now and with these characteristics.

The sector has not been the same since the launch of Apple AirTags, locators that take advantage of the large network of iPhone devices to find our lost objects. Given this, Tile had no choice but to hit, at the risk of losing a market that, until not long ago, was his alone.

The entire Tile range has received changes, both in design and functionality, as well as a new model. For starters, all Tile devices are waterproof with IP67 protection, which will prevent them from breaking just from getting wet.

The most basic model, the Tile Mate, has been redesigned with a new rounded look and a new black color; in functionality, the range has increased to 76 meters, and the higher volume of the doorbell will make it easier to find it. All this, with a longer battery life, of up to three years, something surprising considering that the current model lasted a year; but we will have to sacrifice the replaceable battery.

The Tile Slim, the model designed for wallets, also receives a new rounded design, a range of 76 meters and the same timbre, in addition to the same battery life of three years.

The Tile Sticker is a ‘sticker’ that sticks to the surface of anything we don’t want to lose, like a remote control; now it receives its first update with a large increase in range, up to 76 meters (the original only reached 45 meters), and it will also last three years compared to two.

The most advanced model, the Tile Pro, is the one that changes the most aesthetically, and it no longer resembles the Tile Mate at all, with a more rectangular design; It doesn’t change much in functionality, reaching the same 120 meters as up to now, and it maintains the replaceable battery that will last a year. But it gains a higher IP67 water resistance compared to the IP55 it had.

More important than these redesigns are the new functionalities. The Mate, Pro and Slim models now have a printed QR code, which anyone can scan even if they are not a Tile user, and it will show the owner’s contact information to return it to them.

Another feature, which will arrive in 2022, will allow you to download the Tile app to find nearby trackers; in this way, we will be able to know if someone is trying to follow us using a tracker. It sure has been inspired by the harassment problem with Apple AirTags .

But without a doubt, today’s biggest announcement has been the Tile Ultra, a new model in the range that uses ultra-wideband radio, the first of its kind to support both Android and iOS, according to Tile.

In addition to Bluetooth like the rest of the models, this device uses its integrated radio to indicate the location more precisely, even if it is hidden from view; the app will have an augmented reality mode, which will allow us to see exactly where the tracker is. However, the Tile Ultra won’t arrive until 2022.