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Step You Need Before You Can Collect Unemployment Benefits

It is not the most desired situation, but it is quite frequent: the occasions in which we are left without work we must go to the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) to be able to request unemployment, the contributory unemployment benefit, or the subsidy to which we have right. But, in doing so, we must be clear about the prerequisites that must be met.

The agency has insisted on one of them in its profile on the social network Twitter . This is the job application , a document that must be obtained before applying for any benefit.

The reason is that, among all the requirements of each benefit, there is always the registration as a job seeker before the SEPE, which can only be done by obtaining the job application itself, a document that proves that the worker is in active job search in the eyes of the body.

The SEPE states on its website that if a citizen wants to apply for a job, he must do so at the regional public employment service office “that corresponds to him according to his address.” In case of residing in Ceuta and Melilla, the visit will be to the SEPE office that corresponds to each citizen according to their address.

To be able to go to the SEPE offices, it is essential to make an appointment , since it is a mandatory condition to get it. This prior appointment can be requested at the Electronic Office of the organization (within the ‘People’ section, in the process ‘Make an appointment to be attended by the SEPE’ and without the need to have a digital certificate) and by phone, at 91 273 83 84 24-hour service.

At the time of carrying out the procedure, the citizen must provide certain documentation : the DNI (or residence and / or work permit in case of being a foreigner), the Social Security card and professional and academic certificates, if any.

The SEPE recalls that the status of job seeker must be maintained ” throughout the period in which the benefit is received “, so it is also necessary to attend to the renewal of the job application, which must be done every three months and of obligatory form to be able to collect the unemployment or the subsidy of shift.

At this point, it is important to note that the job application renewal method is returning to its normal state . After more than a year in which, for health reasons, the automatic renewal of the demand was allowed, the autonomous communities have been recovering the face-to-face method ( Madrid has been one of the last ).

Thus, the citizen who has to renew the job request will have to make an appointment in the previously mentioned channels, although some communities give the option of doing this process electronically, at the Electronic Headquarters of the corresponding autonomous employment agency.