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University Of Florence Offers The World’s First Master In Coffee

The University of Florence has launched the world’s first official master in coffee. A 9-month course that will be taught from January. Students will be trained in all aspects of the world of coffee , from preparation to the operation of the product supply chain.

Italy, which is acclaimed as the world capital of coffee and the birthplace of espresso, will host this innovative program, in which only 24 students will participate , who will learn how to grow the coffee plant and how to prepare from the simplest drinks to preparations more worked like macchiato or cappuccino .

The only coffee master in the world
Although many institutions offer coffee-making courses, the University of Florence is the only one that offers a master’s degree in this area, with a clear intention of transferring one of the cultural assets of the city and the Mediterranean country to the new generations .

“We will cover all aspects of the business. From the origins to the preparation and serving of the drink,” said course supervisor Francesco Garbati Pegna.

However, this idea does not seem to be so far-fetched. The Davis Coffee Center at the University of California has also announced that its long-term goals include designing a master’s degree in coffee science .

On the other hand, this trend towards dominance of this drink is taking root around the world. So much so, that barista schools and online classes on this product are proliferating remarkably.