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List With The Most Dangerous Points And Sections Of Camino de Santiago

The Camino de Santiago has become one of the most attractive plans to do in Spain in recent years. With an improvement in the infrastructures and a wide campaign from the different institutions, more and more people are encouraged to go on foot, by bicycle or, even on horseback , from a point on the Peninsula to the Galician capital. For this reason, before setting course, it is advisable to be extremely vigilant in many aspects, where the most dangerous stretches of traffic that can affect pedestrians and cyclists are of particular importance.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has reached an agreement in recent days with the Xunta de Galicia to make the Camino de Santiago a safer place free of traffic accidents. Through an interactive guide , both institutions have advice when preparing the trip , but also a map with the most dangerous points according to the different official itineraries.

And it is that the fact that traditionally on foot and by bicycle are the two modalities most agreed by the millions of walkers who walk the Spanish roads every year, also causes that it is necessary to be extremely vigilant about accidents. Pedestrians and cyclists are the two most vulnerable groups , which the DGT always tries to protect and raise awareness about responsible traffic when they are surrounded by cars and trucks.

The DGT warns of the sections and points where caution must be exercised, but concentrates the major warnings on those of risk
For this, more than 7,000 kilometers have been analyzed that complete the eleven different roads that pass through Spain and where there are intersections and parallel routes with very dangerous areas. Depending on the maximum speed allowed on the road, the intensity of traffic and the volume of pilgrims circulating, the signs or the existence or not of a sidewalk, among other issues, the DGT has thus marked the following risk points and sections:

French Way

  • Risk points : Access N-540 Portomarín-Palas de Rei (Municipality: Portomarín); LE-142 Rabanal del Camino-Ponferrada (Santa Colomba de Somoza)
  • Risk sections : LE-6702 Calzadilla de los Hermanillos-Mansilla de las Mulas (El Burgo Ranero); BU-403 Castrillo Mota de Judíos-Highway (Castrillo Mota de Judíos).

North way

  • Risk points : N-634 Zarautz-Deba (Deba); AS-17 Oviedo-Avilés (Cervera).
  • Risk sections : N-632a Soto de Luiña-Cadavedo (Valdés); N-634a Cadavedo-Luarca (Valdés).

Via de la Plata

  • Risk points : N-525 O Castro-Silleda (Dozón); Laza-Xunqueira de Ambia (Sarreaus).
  • Risk sections : CC-84 Variante-Valdeobispo (Carcaboso-Valdeobispo); LE-04 Benavente-Alija del Infantado (Alija del Infantado).

Southeast Way

  • Risk points : CM-412 Fuente Álamo-Petrola (Fuente Álamo); AB-219 Higueruela-Chinchilla de Montearagón (Hoya-Gonzalo).
  • Risk sections : AB-216 Almansa-Higueruela (Higueruela); AB-302 Montealegre del Castillo-Petrola (Montealegre del Castillo).

Road to Madrid

  • Risk points : M-607 Manzanares el Real-Cercedilla (Navacerrada).
  • Risk sections : VP-5501 Peñaflor de Hornija-Medina de Rioseco (Peñaflor de Hornija); VA-920 Berrueces-Moral de la Reina (Tamariz de Campos).

Ebro Delta Road

  • Risk points : A-221 Fabara-Caspe (Caspe); VP-024 Alagón-Gallur (Alagón).
  • Risk sections : VP-024 Alagón-Gallur (Alagón); LR-288 Tudela-Alfaro (Alfaro).

Catalan Way

  • Risk points : A-130 Monzón-Berbegal (Monzón); SC-22149-02 Bolea-Sarsamarcuello (Loarre).
  • Risk sections : A-1217 Berbegal-Pueyo de Fañanás (Alcalá del Obispo); HU-V-8411 Pueyo de Fañanás-Huesca (Blecua and Torres).

Way of Sant Jaume

  • Risk points : N-II Bujaraloz-Pina de Ebro (Bujaraloz); A-1107 Bujaraloz-Pina de Ebro (Pina de Ebro).
  • Risk tranches: N-IIa Candasnos-Burjaraloz (Candasnos); A-2213 Candasnos-Bujaraloz (Peñalba).

English Way

  • Risk points : AC-214 A Coruña-Hospital de Bruma (Xira); DP-0105 Betanzos-Ordes (San Esteban de Cos).
  • Risk tranches : DP-0105 Betanzos-Ordes (Abegondo); AC-462 Ordes-Agualada (Santiago de Compostela).

Fixterra Musia Path

  • Risk points : DP-3404 Dumbría-Muxía (Dumbría); AC-445 Corcubión-Cabo Fisterra (San Roque).
  • Risk tranches : DP-5603 Negreira-Olveiroa (Negreira); AC-448 Santiago de Compostela-Negreira (Negreira).

Portuguese Way

  • Risk points : PO-552 A Guarda-Baiona (A Ermida); EP-9407 Pontevedra-Caldas de Reis (O Curuto).
  • Risk sections : PO-552 Baiona-Castrelos (Vigo); EP-3102 Baiona-Castrelos (Baiona).

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