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Viral Photo Of An Amazon Warehouse In Middle Of Slum In Mexico

The Amazon company is a giant that transcends the limits of what a company is, and its very existence challenges the concepts of the city and commercial spaces. This is also reflected in the location of its warehouses.

A good example is an image that has gone viral. It was captured by the 41-year-old Mexican photojournalist Omar Martínez , from the Cuartoscuro agency, in the city of Tijuana , in the extreme northwest of the country.

Martínez’s photo captures the imposing presence of a 32,000-square-meter Amazon warehouse in a place called El Cañón del Padre , surrounded by slums and shacks.

Speaking to the BBC , Omar Martínez said: ” I am from Tijuana , I have been on the border all my life. I have been traveling and documenting what is happening in my city for 20 years.”


Amazón installs the second plant in northern Mexico in #Tijuana .

  • Omar Martinez (@omartinezTJ) September 4, 2021
    “It is the first time that I talk about this. It is a complicated place to get off and take photos. I took them a little far away. It is complicated because there is a lot of insecurity, it is a very marginalized place , it is not safe to get there,” he said.

“It is on the side of a sewage canal where there are many shooters, who are drug dealers . So, it was not a very safe place. So I went away and took photos with a long lens and also decided to fly my drone”, added the photographer.

“I took the photos with the intention of showing the great contrast that exists here in my city. I am glad that my image caused a very great debate ,” added Omar Martínez.

Despite criticism, local authorities have stressed that the presence of the Amazon warehouse can improve conditions in the neighborhood. “It will contribute to the economic reactivation and the well-being of the families,” the municipal president, Karla Ruiz Macfarland , said in the local press .

For its part, the company says that “since our arrival in Mexico we have generated more than 15,000 jobs in the country and now we are adding 250 in Tijuana, creating job opportunities with competitive salaries and benefits for all our employees.”

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