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Nortegas And EVE Advance With Digitization Of The Gas Network In Euskadi

Nortegas, the second largest national natural gas distributor, and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), the Basque Government’s energy agency, have presented the ‘Bidegas II’ project, which seeks to promote smart gas grids, through the installation of state-of-the-art electronic and telecommunications elements.

This project, which will be developed in Alonsotegi (Bizkaia), is another step towards the digitization of the gas network and gives continuity to ‘Bidegas I’, a project that Nortegas and the EVE carried out in the Biscayan town of Ugao-Miraballes between 2019 and 2020.

On this occasion, new technologies are incorporated that will make it possible to reduce the telecommunications infrastructure, since the number of concentrating devices (those that collect the signal from the meters and detectors) is less, while the signal is expanded. This also results in a lower visual and environmental impact.

For six months
‘Bidegas II’ will be launched this September, with the installation of 752 meters, detectors and concentrators, with the aim of being able to receive data from next October. The project will last six months.

This project will implement a new technology that is being tested for the first time in gas distribution. It is ‘LoRaWAN’, a wireless communication system that manages low-power and long-range communication networks designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). Users will have a mobile application to communicate with Nortegas and access their consumption data, review, information on incidents, etc.

The CEO of Nortegas, Javier Contreras, assures that “the smart meter has many advantages for a more responsible consumption and for the increase of the security of the networks”.

For his part, the general director of the EVE, Iñigo Ansola, underlines the importance of “continuing to bet on energy efficiency through the introduction of innovative technologies that allow a more rational use of energy”. Ansola highlights the role of natural gas as a source of support for the energy transition in the Basque Country.

The user will be able to access their consumption patterns, encouraging a more sustainable use. In addition, the distributor will install methane and CO detectors in homes and commercial premises, which will send the information on the concentration of these gases in the air to the same system.

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