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Natural Gas Is A Decisive Element Of The Energy Transition

The transition towards a sustainable energy model to face the challenges of climate change is already one of the great issues of our present. Energy companies have a responsibility to lead a transformation that must be fair and orderly, since it will affect the economy as a whole.

And the gas sector plays a very important role in facilitating that transition. At Redexis, we trust in the great potential of our energy infrastructures to contribute to this transition called to generate a cleaner environment and a low-emission economy that results in an improvement in the quality of life for all.

Various international organizations coincide in stating that natural gas will register a significant increase in demand by 2040. Its application in long-distance mobility, among others, is being a great advance thanks to its economic advantages and its significant reductions in CO2 emissions with respect to to traditional fuels. In the last three years, Redexis has opened 15 gas stations to offer this energy to companies and individuals.

At Redexis we have been growing for more than ten years and specifically in the industrial sector at triple annual digits. This shows that natural gas is a decisive element of the energy transformation in very important sectors of our society today, in 2021.

Therefore, it is the necessary key and one that will take an even greater role if possible to help in this transition process, which is a true reflection of the enormous attraction that natural gas continues to have for many clients and sectors that are essential for the Spanish economy.

In addition, from Redexis we are making a strong investment in projects related to renewable gas and hydrogen, already counting on examples such as our participation in the Power to Green Hydrogen project in which we will soon begin the construction of the first hydroduct in Spain.

Hydrogen and biomethane are energy vectors with a great future projection. Its use in Spain is still incipient, but its potential is considerable: energy that can be injected into current natural gas networks with practically zero environmental impact.

As biomethane is a perfect exponent for the development of a circular economy, we consider it very important to have a roadmap that translates into legislative and regulatory instruments that allow us to establish biomethane injection targets so that we can develop a national market and European.

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