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Correos develop postal technology in Spain

Correos develops a pioneering technology so that postmen can charge with a card from home.Customers can pay from home, with a card, smartphone or even a smart watch.

Correos has started a pilot so that postmen and rural wallets throughout Spain can offer their customers the payment of their services with a bank card using the same portable electronic device (PDA) with which they already have for other functions.

The NFC reader with which these new terminals have been equipped allows the reading of any contactless card, smartphone or even any smart watch . For payments of more than 50 euros in which the card PIN is required, the user can enter it directly on the postman’s PDA without the need for a validation SMS or any other alternative mechanism since the procedure is completely secure.

The forecast is that before the end of the year, the more than 6,000 male and female employees who work in rural areas will be able to offer this service at the same address . Once launched in rural areas, it will gradually expand over the next two years to the entire postmen and post office staff in Spain.

This initiative by Correos, a pioneer in Europe , is based on new payment technologies and industry standards to enable the transformation of a mobile device into a Point of Sale Terminal (POS). The development of this solution has had the collaboration of Mastercard as a facilitator due to its extensive knowledge and experience.

It is about making public services more efficient, closer to the citizen, responding to the demographic challenge, social and gender gaps and the digitization of less privileged areas.

This is the reason why Correos has decided to first start the deployment in the most vulnerable rural areas of emptied Spain , promoting the digital and financial inclusion of these areas.

Correos continues to advance in its strategic line of bringing its services closer to citizens and offering them new features that facilitate their day-to-day life.

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