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Moreno’s Notice To The Government About Second Dose Of AstraZeneca

The president of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a, Juanma Moreno , has notified the central government this Friday that there are “150,000 stagnant vaccines” of Astrazeneca that cannot be given due to the age limits, so he has asked the Executive to send more vaccines of the other brands or allows the Community to be able to give “the second dose to those citizens who have already put it on, voluntarily, so that whoever wants to do it”.

Moreover, he has warned the Government: “Either make a quick decision or we will make it,” he made clear, insisting that “they -the Executive- will know, or they make it or we make it, but I will not allow it to exist. tens of thousands of stagnant vaccines while citizens are getting sick. ”

Moreno, who has visited the remodeled areas of the Costa del Sol Hospital, in the Malaga municipality of Marbella, has stressed that they want the Government to solve it, since, currently, more Astrazeneca vaccines arrive and “we cannot put more because we have limits in terms of age , some ratios, and less than Pfizer or Moderna, which are the ones that we can put in a more general way. ”

“We have 150,000 stagnant AstraZeneca vaccines; put in the refrigerator without using them, ” he warned, so he has asked the Government to “send us more from Pfizer or Moderna or, second option, to allow us to the autonomous community that we can to put the second dose of AstraZeneca to those citizens who have already voluntarily put it on, so that whoever wants to do it, “he reiterated.

For this reason, he has warned the Government that “either make a quick decision or we will make it,” the president of the Andalusian Executive has made clear. He also recalled that there is a commitment from the Government that more than half a million vaccines arrive a week and “as they are arriving we are putting it.”

On the other hand, in terms of vaccination data, the President of the Board recalled that it is above 30 percent of Andalusian citizens who have already been supplied with at least one of the doses and practically over a million Andalusians fully immunized with both doses.

He also recalled that he is being vaccinated already under 60 years of age, highlighting, in the same way, that the vaccination rate is “very good”, valuing the fact of “seeing people aged 59, 58 and 57 and, even people with my exuberant youth is about to be vaccinated. ” “This is taking an extremely important pace and I am convinced that if we continue like this we will reach July in very reasonable conditions.”

Finally, he has again asked citizens “not to relax.” “The pandemic is still here, last week 100 people have died as a result of COVID, therefore every day Andalusians die as a result of COVID, citizens are infected, people are admitted to hospitals and there are people in ICUs breaking their heads and fearing the worst for his life, “he concluded.

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