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Decoding the different sizes of storage unit requirement

You need a secure space to store all your household items during home renovation or move. That’s where self-storage units come in handy. You get them in various sizes, from small to large, to meet your needs. However, people face a common confusion when renting them – what storage size will fit their need? Of course, it affects your budget. Hence, you need to rent a storage unit that fits all your items well and doesn’t cost much. The standard options range from 5’x5′ to 10’x20′ and more. Let’s dig into them to find out what may serve your requirements better.

  • Small size

Imagine these units to provide floor space of 5’x5′ to 5’x10′. These come with metal doors with a roll-up style opening and closing system. You can use these options to keep your sports gear, golfing materials, holiday decorations, books, small furniture pieces, seasonal clothes, etc. For storage in Dayton, Ohio go here. You will find many facilities that offer small areas to help meet your more minor storage demands. A 5’x5′ unit typically features a 25 sq. ft. flooring size with an overall storage area spanning 200 cubic feet. Imagine it to be your little walk-in closet. On the other hand, a 5×10 unit can have 50 sq. ft. of floor area with 400 cubic feet overall. It can store almost all the contents (mattresses, dresser, motorcycle, fridge, etc.) of a medium-sized room. 

  • Medium size

The popular options include 10’x10′ and 10’x15′. People usually need these sizes more than anything else as they can keep the items of two bedrooms in this single space. You can find homeowners renting them for long-term use. Typically, they use these storage units for storing appliances, additional furniture items, compact cars, and others. Specific devices and tools can also go here.

  • Large size

10’x20′ and 10’x30′ are the standard varieties. You can imagine them to match the size of a decent garage room. These spaces accommodate almost anything from recreational equipment to furniture and other goods. Make sure you limit the number of boxes. Usually, a 10’x20 ′ unit sprawls over 200 sq.ft. of floor, measuring 1,600 cubic feet in total. When renting this unit, it’s wise to leverage the vertical area. Put sofas upright and artwork and mirrors in one corner. Lay down rugs and mattresses flat, though. 

If you choose a 10’x30′ unit size, available floor space can be 300 sq ft with a total storage area measuring up to 2,400 cubic feet. This storage unit is suitable for the contents of a five-bedroom house, including washers/dryers, kitchen sets, LEDs, refrigerators, and bedroom furniture. One can even rent this unit for their SUVs or pickup trucks.

The hassle of moving items from one room or place to another goes away when you rent a proper storage unit for temporary or permanent use. Make sure you choose a trusted storage facility and leverage the system to extract the total value of the money spent on renting it. You can keep all the selected belongings there without worrying about their safety. While they stay locked up, you can focus on other critical areas peacefully.