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Help For Early Retirement In Spain That You Can Have If You Have Done Military

This is the help for early retirement that you can have if you have done the ‘military’. Up to one year of contribution covered by compulsory military service is allowed. It can be used to arrive at the contribution … or to increase the amount of the pension.

Early retirement is a desirable goal for all workers who want to end their career before age 65 or 66. It is a complicated thing that requires a lot of time and certain conditions so that it can take place with an adequate amount, but some would-be pensioners have a little help going for them.

All people who have performed compulsory military service, traditionally known as ‘the military ‘ , will benefit from it in early retirement, since they are allowed to count one year of contributions in order to access early retirement .

Social Security explains on its website that “periods of military service or substitute social benefit are only computed to reach the specific contribution period in the case of early retirement, voluntary or involuntary and with a maximum limit of one year”, for This will benefit the people who had to do the military service, suppressed in 2001 but lived by people who are still of early retirement age.

One of the requirements that the worker must meet to be able to retire early is to have a retirement period of 35 years. This means that, in practice, you have to have worked 34 years and not 35, since you can benefit from the extra year of the ‘military’.

But not only that: an extra year can be important for the early retiree, since it can mean the difference between a more harmful reduction coefficient or a more benign one .

These coefficients, which reduce the amount of the pension regulatory base to which they are entitled, are softer as more years of contributions are credited. Thus, this year of ‘military’ also helps, in some cases, to have a higher amount of the pension.

At the moment, this extra year of contribution can only be applied in early retirement and not in other retirements, which also require specific retirement periods to access pensions.

It is an old demand that has not had all the possible route in parliamentary channels, since despite the commitment of the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, included in Law 27/2011 of August 1, on updating, adaptation and modernization of the Social Security system, the following Executives, of different colors, have not complied with this measure.

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