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Companies That Started August With The Most Job Offers

Although the pandemic continues to disrupt employment, unemployment registered its largest monthly decline in history in July with 197,841 fewer unemployed. Some record data -conditioned by the huge fall of the last year and a half- that nevertheless shows that hiring is moving.

In this panorama, there are several companies that concentrate a good part of the job offers , at least in a greater majority and with fewer access requirements.

Most belong to the distribution, retail or department stores sector, such as Mercadona or Leroy Merlin, two of the country’s large employers.

In the following lines we tell you which companies are offering more job vacancies right now and how you can send the curriculum.

Leroy Merlin maintains more than 1,500 open offers
The DIY multinational is looking for jobs throughout Spain. The chain also has offers for numerous profiles, from professionals such as decorators, plumbers, carpenters and cashier positions and store personnel.

Currently, Leroy Merlin has a total of 1,505 vacancies of very different profiles. The offers also include those of its AKI brand, also belonging to the group.

His offers range from store personnel from manager to salesperson to, one especially striking, in which he calls professionals in trades such as carpentry or electricians, painters and other trades to sign up to be part of his area of ​​’specialists’, people who more Beyond the work in the store, they are trusted to advise customers who come to their centers.

Here we leave you again more information on how to apply for one of these vacancies at Leroy Merlin.

Decathlon: 800 vacancies available
The French sportswear and fashion giant also has more than 817 open offers. Many of them are for summer vacancies, but their human resources managers assure that a good part of these hired people continue after these months.

Average salaries at Decathlon start at 1,200 euros for cashiers and waiters , with the possibility of permanent hiring in most cases after a trial period.

Here we tell you more about how to apply for some of their vacancies and the requirements they ask for.

Mercadona begins August with more than 150 vacancies
A classic among the companies with the most offers. Mercadona has earned itself to be one of the largest employers (and also the best if we look at its collective agreement) in Spain. its website is already available dozens of job offers spread throughout all the autonomies ranging from salesperson and cashier to specialists in some of their areas.

Salaries and working conditions at Mercadona are among the most highly valued right now, with salaries starting at 1,300 euros and also rising due to the premiums distributed by the supermarket chain.

To access these offers and their vacancies you must enter the area of ​​their employment website and register. One option to find those focused on summer is to filter by the term ‘campaign’. Here we tell you more about their working conditions and how to apply for a job at Mercadona.

MediaMarkt also has 135 offers in its stores
With more than 6,500 people on its staff in Spain and close to 90 stores throughout the country, MediaMarkt is one of those companies and brands that have made a name for themselves in the technology and household appliances sector, and it also keeps open offers for August.

Many of the offers are for salespeople in their stores, divided into different sections such as small appliances, mobiles, televisions or video games. But its employment portal also highlights a registration offer to work in its new Global Business center that will be based in Barcelona, ​​its new administrative and accounting base to service stores, not only in Spain, but all over the world.

In total, it has 135 active offers on its website to work as a salesperson, technician and warehouse waiter in its stores, spread over practically all the provinces of Spain. Here you have information about their selection process and conditions.

45 jobs available at Lidl
There are 45 job offers available on the Lidl Spain website, totaling more than 100 vacancies in total. In most cases, those who are sought are replenishment tellers, with offers that extend throughout practically the entire Spanish geography.

In addition, the offers have different hour profiles, from offers to work only 20 hours a week, to others of 25 or 30 hours.

Beyond these positions, some profiles of office personnel, attached to management or direct sales in different territories are also sought. For these last profiles, German is necessary to communicate with the chain’s headquarters. Here we give you more information.

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