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At least a score of dead in Taliban attacks after the withdrawal of US troops. During this final phase, some 2,500 US military personnel and around 7,000 NATO personnel are expected to leave the country before September 11.

At least 20 members of the Afghan security forces were killed and dozens more injured after the Taliban launched several massive attacks in different parts of the country coinciding with the start of the official withdrawal on May 1 of US troops from Afghanistan .

The attacks carried out almost simultaneously , in which 20 security forces died, began last night in the southern province of Helmand and the western provinces of Herat and Farah, according to several official sources.

In addition, according to a statement from the Afghan Defense Ministry, in the counteroffensive of the security forces , which was extended to ten of the 34 Afghan provinces, at least 90 insurgents were killed and another 73 were injured.

In the insurgent attacks in Helmand “more than ten checkpoints fell into the hands of the Taliban, and eight members of the security forces died and another 19 were injured,” the head of the regional Provincial Council, Attaullah Afghan, told EFE. These fighting, which continue, took place in the vicinity of the regional capital Lashkargah and, if reinforcements do not arrive soon, the city “faces the threat of collapse,” he said.

In the neighboring province of Farah, the Taliban blew up an Afghan forces security post, attacking it after digging a tunnel, and seven members of the security forces died there and an unknown number are missing, a Council member told EFE Provincial, who requested anonymity.

The Taliban also launched a massive attack on the headquarters of the Farsi district, located in Herat, in which at least five members of the security forces were killed and several others were injured, the spokesman for the governor of Herat said in a statement. Jailani Farhad.

The US violates the Doha pact
The Taliban confirmed the capture of 25 Afghan security forces checkpoints in various parts of Helmand and claimed responsibility for the offensives in Farah and Herat, which left dozens of victims among members of the security forces. , his spokesman Qari Yusuf Ahmadi reported on Twitter.

This significant increase in Taliban attacks came just one day after the United States and NATO officially began the process of withdrawing their troops from the Asian country. During this final phase, some 2,500 US military personnel and around 7,000 NATO military personnel are expected to leave the country before September 11, when two decades have passed since the terrorist attacks in the US that triggered the invasion of Afghanistan.

A date that does not correspond to that established in the historic Doha agreement signed between the United States and the Taliban in February last year, which marked May 1 as the deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops, and that the new American administration decided to delay.

The Taliban called this delay a “violation of the principles” of the pact, which “has opened the way” for them to take whatever measures they deem appropriate against foreign forces.

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