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3XTRES Celebrates 25 Years at Helm Partners

After closing a season marked by the pandemic in which it has managed to stay afloat despite losing almost half of viewers – just over 87,000 tickets sold, compared to the more than 135,000 that were shipped before the crisis the company 3XTres celebrates its 25 years at the helm of the Teatre Poliorama , one of the few stages that continues to inhabit Barcelona’s boulevards next to the Liceo.

And he has blown out the candles with his two new partners : producer Dani López and actor and director David Selvas, from the companies T de Teatre and La Brutal respectively, who are now joining as part of the project. They have also taken the opportunity to present the new season 2021-22, which will host 20 shows for all ages.

The starting gun of the new course will come with a tribute to the ‘king of pop’ . The show ‘I want U Back’, starring SacMJJ, considered one of the best Michael Jackson imitators in the world , will review the artist’s discography, which continues to hold the record for the most sold albums in history.

Also noteworthy are ‘La fiesta del Chivo’ , an adaptation of one of the masterpieces of the writer Mario Vargas Llosa, with Juan Echanove at the head of the cast; a revamped ‘Forever Young’; ‘El Perro del Hortelano’, by Lope de Vega, and ‘Ovelles’, a comedy that will reflect on the ‘millennials’ and the crisis.

In addition, for this new season, 3XTRES adds two new partners to join the project. ‘T de Teatre’ and ‘La Brutal’, two of the great Catalan theater companies that had already taken the stage of the Poliorama in recent seasons, are permanently incorporated into the association.

And they will debut the alliance with ‘T’estimo si he begut’ , a musical co-production with Dagoll Dagom based on the work of the same title by Empar Moliner, which will raise the curtain in October.

“There have been 394 shows and 92,288 functions”, recapitulates Anna Rosa Cisquella , from the Dagoll Dagom company, one of the founders of 3XTRES, which ensures that the city’s network of theaters cannot accommodate all the cultural offerings on offer .

“The problem is that there is no room for everything,” he laments. “We want to give space to a brutal diversity of people and shows. And also that they come from Madrid or from all over Spain, ” he adds, denying that in Catalonia there is no place for theater in Spanish.

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