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Catalonia Doubles The Number Of Hospitalized In Project1199 Week

The revenue covid continue to grow in Catalonia , with more and more ICUs hospitalized, and 9,416 others have been diagnosed positive, some still slowly descending RT few days ago. In this context, the Government is waiting for the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) to rule on the petition to decree the night curfew -between 1 and 6 in the morning- in the 161 municipalities with more cases of covid, something that the Prosecutor’s Office supports .

According to the data updated this Friday by Salut , today there are 1,349 people hospitalized with covid, 94 more than yesterday, of which 259 are serious in the ucis, 22 more than the day before, with an average age of 50 years. The number of admitted is double that of a week ago.

The rate of spread of the virus (Rt) continues to slow down for the ninth consecutive day and today is 1.31, a total of three hundredths less than the day before and moving away from 3.42 in early July, so that today every 100 infected infect an average of 131 people, a community transmission still uncontrolled. Catalonia Doubles The Number Of Hospitalized In Project1199 Week

However, the risk of regrowth (EPG), which measures the epidemic potential, rises slightly after five days of decline : it is 1,386 points, 56 more than yesterday, after having reached a record of 1,875 points on the past day 6 of July.

1% of the population, infected
And the cumulative incidence of cases in the last 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is still growing and is 1,088. On Wednesday, for the first time in the pademic, it exceeded a thousand, which means that right now 1% of the population of Catalonia is infected.

The average age of the newly infected, more than 85% of them with the new delta variant, is 29.2 years.

According to data from Salut, although the majority of infections are occurring among people between 10 and 39 years old, those infected are growing in all age groups.

The positivity of the PCR and antigen tests is already 20.01%, four times more than 5%, a percentage that the WHO considers the threshold to be able to control the epidemic.

Mortality also grows slightly in recent days, although it is still very low, with five deaths in the last hours. Catalonia Doubles The Number Of Hospitalized In Project1199 Week

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