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Tips to Market Your Business on Tik Tok

Your business can reach larger audiences on Tiktok  than any other social media platform. Tiktok came as a breath of fresh air for millions of people globally as we all became confined in Covid lockdowns. For the first time ever, there was an app to instantly load short videos and partake in dances and challenges, even if you aren’t a dancer. The fact you didn’t need to be outside to create this entertaining content meant it became a form of entertainment during lockdown. 

In fact, in the first quarter of 2020, there were 315 million installations of the app, said to have been the most installations of a social media app in any quarter in the history of social media. 

The benefit of Tik Tok is that videos don’t just reach the feeds of people who follow you, but appear on the feeds of additional audiences, too. If your video is liked by those in the first instance, and you use various techniques such as hashtags and choosing the right song, it can even reach millions of people. For this reason, it would be smart for you to use this opportunity to create a business account. 

Tiktok can be uncharted territory for many businesses. Here, we’ll look into the top tips to market your business and create viral videos.

  1. Research trends 

The videos that gain the most traction on Tik Tok are trends. Tiktok will put videos of those content creators partaking in trending challenges on a significantly higher number of For You Pages (FYP’s). After this, the increased number of likes and engagement you receive will enable your video to lift off and start trending. 

In order to know exactly what is trending, you need to check your Tik Tok feed a few times a week at a minimum as new trends usually arise two or three times a week. Following the more popular Tik Tok accounts will give you some insight into the challenges that are gaining popularity. 

Another route you can go down is directly only seeing trends  by clicking “discover” on the bottom options on your home feed. Here, you can click into the trending hashtags and songs to see what the trending videos entail. 

  1. Partake in trends

This is when you create your own unique interpretations of the trend but relating it back to your business. As trends are mostly done by content creators, it’s recommended to follow additional businesses to see how they connected the trends to their business offerings as a tool  to promote their business. Their interpretations can spark inspiration for your business.

Additional videos that perform well are of interesting processes, funny situations  or entertaining events.This is a great opportunity to repurpose existing videos you may already have as well as capture moments that would be of interest to audiences. Get into the habit of thinking of entertaining content. 

With this option, you should choose your specific song by clicking the “Viral Song” button when you click add a song. This shows the top trending songs and will boost your video’s reach. 

  1. Add hashtags 

The Tiktok algorithm will be able to tell you have created a video of interest to large audiences through the incorporation of popular hashtags. The key is to use high-ranking, targeted hashtags. You don’t want to simply use the top 10 most popular hashtags as these all won’t hold relevance to your specific video. For instance, you want to use travel, wellness and weekend related hashtags if you filmed a road trip. 

To discover the right hashtags for your video, research what other creators used for this trend, or if you didn’t do a trend, simply research in the search bar or caption and use the hashtags with the most videos by seeing the number to the right of the hashtag. Ensure you also use #foryoupage  #foryou #fyp #viral #trend in order to signal to Tiktok to place it on the FYP.

Olivia Fairhurst is a business owner and content manager for various clients, including Franklin Engineering. Olivia studied a degree in communications, majoring in journalism and has past experience as a journalist and Senior PR executive.