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How To Market Your Local Business Online

Business competition is higher than ever and the fact that the highstreets are all closing makes it increasingly difficult for local businesses to compete with the bigger companies. Local businesses are now needing to adapt to the modern way of marketing, which is, of course, digital marketing. If you are noticing that your sales are declining, then it’s time to mix it up and try something new with your marketing strategy. If you have been a local business for many years and are using the same marketing strategies you were 10 years ago, then the chances are they are not going to work for you now.

Create Your Google My Business Page

Creating a Google My Business page will give you many benefits and it is basically what Google call a listing. It is something that permits you to show up on Google Maps, the local section of google and will also give you a knowledge panel. This is a panel on the right of Google listings giving users all the information that they need about your company. Once you have this verified, it allows you to optimise this so that you show up higher in the rankings.

Post And Engage On Social Media

Being online isn’t enough to hedge your beds against your competitors, customers want to know you as a business. What do you get up to every day, what are your new lines of products, what are your achievements etc? They also want opportunities to get free stuff through competitions. This is a great way to show the businesses personality and beliefs which is exactly what will turn into sales and a loyal customer base.  Create business accounts on all media platforms that will benefit you, an example of this is a bakery that sells bakery products will benefit from an Instagram account as customers will want to see the product before ordering or going to the store.

You can also run ads on social media as they all have a paid advertising program that allows you to reach new prospective customers that haven’t found your business yet. The great thing about social media ads is that you can really pin down your target audience by setting parameters to meet their interests, hobbies, location and much more.

Optimise Your Website For Local Listings

SEO should be something that is implemented in every website, yet so many businesses are missing out on traffic and conversions due to them missing the mark on their SEO strategy. Googles algorithm is designed to get the most relevant, high quality and accurate sites to the end-user, which tells you that you need to make every page like this. This is free if you do it yourself and it is an effective and efficient way of marketing your business. It is worth mentioning that this is a long marketing strategy so don’t expect results in the first month or two. If you are struggling to get this off the ground, then looking at hiring a digital agency Machester based or somewhere that is close to you.

Tips for Local SEO

  • Add Location Keywords to the titles, headings and content to every page. If you provide services in different locations, have them on separate pages so they are competing with each other.
  • List on Local directories, ensuring all information is correct on all of them.

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews

It’s nice to know what you are doing well and what you could improve on. The only way you are going to learn about this is by asking your customers by asking them to leave a review for you. It also helps to confirm everything that you are trying to achieve by helping potential customers to decide whether you are the right company for them. If you can encourage them to leave reviews on platforms like Google Reviews, Trustpilot, Yelp or any other review platform it will encourage buyers to commit to you as a business. A simple way of getting them to leave a review is by giving them a discount on the next order or putting them in a prize draw.

Just as you like to know what you’re doing well and not so well, customers like to know that you have read the review and taken it on board. Take an hour or two out of your week to respond to reviews as this will show the customers you are engaged with constructive criticism. Don’t go for a generic response for all, respond individually to give your brand more personality.

Reach Local Customers Through Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click ads are a great add on to your online marketing campaign due to them being more directly as opposed to SEO. It is worth letting the professionals do this as you could end up spending much more money than you need to be. It is worth speaking to a PPC agency Manchester-based or  The ads help a business to reach potential customers that are more interested and are also looking in your area, leading you to better conversions. Pay-per-click results indicate that customers are 50% more likely to convert rather than organic visitors.