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The Perfect Hen-Do Based on Your Star Sign

Need some inspiration for your or your best friend’s hen-do? Look no further because your star sign can tell you about your personality and your party oomph.

The gemstone jeweller Angelic Diamonds has gathered the best astrology advice to help you send off your singleton years with style, together with your beloved hens.

Aries: ready, set, go

Full of energy and enthusiasm, you are on a mission to make the most of your hen-do. As this is the last stop on the unmarried express, you will want to go all out.

That’s why a hen-do brimming with exciting activities city is ideal for you. Places like Berlin offer a mixture of sightseeing, indulgent food, and a kinky touch. Alternatively, an adventurous holiday might be right up your street. Think a skiing getaway in the Alpes where you can lead the way down the slopes and straight to the apres-ski bar.

Taurus: through the taste buds

The ultimate foodie of the zodiac. You’re after a specially curated wine-and-dine experience at an exquisite restaurant where you can harness your astute taste buds.

Even better, you will absolutely adore an indulgent trip around the most iconic world cuisines. Because your heart is based at home, you don’t have to go abroad for your hen-do, but if you decide to do so, choose a romantic destination. You love intimate parties where your appreciation for all things luxurious can shine through. Nothing beats a trip to Paris or Venice with your nearest and dearest.

Gemini: a social butterfly

Sociable, adventurous, and incredibly curious, Geminis are easy to please when it comes to partying. You love a good surprise, so you’ll likely leave the planning to the party committee.

Bar crawls and mystery destinations are second nature to you. Whether it’s a spiritual retreat in Bali or a trip to the city that never sleeps, New York, you’re sure to have a blast.

You’re a true social butterfly and are likely to turn your intimate hen-do into a massive parade of fun. In that sense, a music and dance festival would be ideal for your singleton send-off.

Cancer: roaming through the memory box

As a Cancer, your top values are home and friends. As you approach the end of an important stage of your life, you’re likely to feel overly sensitive and nostalgic. You might even experience a few doubts before the big day, but they can quickly wean off if you’re in the right company.

Invite all your closest people for a quiet night-in. Perhaps, choose a rustic cottage in the countryside where you can enjoy intimate talks in the hot tub surrounded by beautiful scenery. Activities-wise, your hen-do is the time to reminiscent over your singleton years, tell stories of how you met your friends, and look at old photos. Since your element is water, a quaint beach destination might be exactly what you need to calm you down before the big day.

Leo: the heart of the party

Always the heart of the party, a Leo’s hen-do is an extravaganza of glamorous outfits, opulent décor, and plenty of booze. Put your biggest smile on, you’re in for a paparazzi craze!

Your ideal hen-do destination is a place that lets you shine. Cancun, Dubai, and Barcelona are great choices where you can hire a boat and party like a Queen from sunrise to sunrise. A cocktail-making class, a dance competition, or a rowdy karaoke bar will fill your day with excitement. Don’t forget to bring a selection of dresses and stock up on the champagne!

Virgo: a mindful hen-do

Just the bare thought of being in the spotlight fills you with dread. But you don’t have to go all out and can still have a great time with a more mindful hen-do.

There is one requirement, however, you need to be involved in the planning. As you’re a perfectionist and like to be involved in things, it’s best if you take your pick of the destinations, at least. A yoga retreat in the mountain or an arts and crafts weekend away are ideal for you.

You love learning new things and expressing your creativity while in the company of your loved ones. A visit to an art gallery will also be to your liking. Flavoursome dishes, preferably cooked by you, are also on the agenda!

Libra: a fiesta of aesthetics

Libra, you’re all about aesthetics. From coordinating your outfit to taking Insta-ready photos of your meal, your surroundings reflect your voguish personality.

The same goes for your hen-do. Your destination has to be pleasing for the eye, the activities fair for everyone, and the pictures impeccable. Stunning landscapes in the likes of Florence and Positano in Italy are a showstopper, while island-hopping in Greece will channel your inner mermaid. Bring along a selection of bikini and designer sunglasses, and you’re sure to glow!

Scorpio: off the beaten track

A true mystery, it’s hard to guess what your dream hen-do looks like. But your unconventional nature means only one thing – your hen-do will be off the beaten track.

A classic booze and stripper night out might not be up your alley but there are plenty of other options. You like being active and on-the-go, so a walk around the vibrant markets of Marrakech or a sky diving trip above Algarve in Portugal will quench your thirst for adventures. To satisfy your kinky side, why not go skinny dipping with your besties?

Sagittarius: fly like a bird

Sagittarius, your free spirit has no bounds, and you just want to spread your wings and fly. You’re the sort of person who is likely to dive head first into a mystery hen-do.

Spontaneous, easily excited, and full of surprises, you don’t want your hen-do party committee to worry about a preparation. As no one really knows where the night will take you, the less planning the better. It’s good to have a few ideas in mind but the rest is up to your wild, uninhibited imagination.

To match your crazy personality, a destination such as Las Vegas, where you can try your luck, dance all night, and visit the Grand Canyon the next day, is ideal for you. The party island of Corfu in Greece or Phuket in Thailand are also great choices.

Capricorn: culture and wine

Capricorns are often stereotyped as workaholics and materialistic people, but they’re much deeper than they appear on the surface. As a Capricorn, you enjoy being intellectually stimulated while spending heartfelt time with your loved ones.

A hen-do that broadens your knowledge, brings you in touch with history, and ends with a wine tasting is perfect for you. Roam through the colourful streets of Lisbon during the day, eating pastel de natas in a blue-tiled café. Going to a traditional fado concert at night while sipping on local Portuguese wine, is your dream hen-do.

Aquarius: eccentric but not soppy

Although incredibly versatile, at times you tend to be way too eccentric and hard to please. Your ideal hen-do needs to be unique but not soppy, intimate but not boring, Most importantly, your hen-do needs to be perfect but not too organised.

Go for an alternative destination with plenty of activities on offer, but isn’t featured on the top 10 hen-do destinations. A jungle retreat in Costa Rica or a fancy-dress party in the woods will definitely float your boat, as well as a forest rave.

Pisces: boho-style picnic

Pisces, you’re the hippie of the zodiac and a boho-style hen-do will suit you just right. A spot steeped in nature, away from the buzz of the city and close to the heart of the planet, will make you feel like you’re in familiar waters.

Set-up a themed picnic in the woods, think of a dress-code, and indulge in creative activities such as wreath-making, Charades, Dix It, and lots of singing and dancing around the fire. If you’re looking for a domestic spot, the UK has a wealth of country parks where you can host your boho hen-do, such as the Tyne Valley in England or Roundhay Park in Leeds.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your singleton self and step into marriage with grace, laughter, and pamper? Your perfect hen-do awaits you!


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